Inside the Pyramids VIP Tour Of Egypt

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The famous Egypt vacations in the Red Sea resort, Sharm el Sheikh will surely be an unforgettable experience for you and your family if you like underwater beauty. A few hours inside the pyramids will make you forget about everything else. You can go on a tour of the ancient site and have a close look at the Egyptianoglyphs as well. The Egypt Red Sea resort offers many more facilities like excursions, swimming and snorkeling, and much more. If you wish to be a part of the excitement that is Egypt, then book a Egypt Cruise that is sure to make your holidays special.

This exciting tour will give you an inside look into how history was made inside the Pyramids. On your Egypt VIP tour you will be taken to a site where King Tutankhamen's buried treasure was found. There are several tours of the region where Tutankhamen's treasures are kept. These will take you to the Valley of the Kings, along with other important sites like the Temple of Luxor and the Pharaoh's Castle. An inside the pyramids VIP tour guide will tell you about how King Tutankhamen carried out his treasure hunt.

In addition to this, your Egypt vacation will allow you to hear about the Egyptian Pharaoh's original religion, as well as his burial rites. This will fascinate you as you discover the rich history of Egypt, from its earliest days up to its modern era. What makes such a tour so unique is that you are taken to several of the most popular pyramids as part of the itinerary. This means you get to see the very last resting places of the pharaohs.

An inside the pyramids VIP tour takes you inside the Valley of the Kings, a place where you can see King Tutankhamen's tomb. It is believed he was buried with his royal possessions, including a miniature statue of himself. If you look closely, it is covered in gold coins! This is a fascinating part of Egyptian history and is showcased in the Valley of the tour. You will see it all with a private Egypt tour.

You will also get an inside tour of the Karnak Temple, which is dedicated to the legendary Pharaoh Narmer. This is the largest construction in the world and is the biggest of its kind in the entire ancient city of Karnak. You will also be able to sit inside the grand staircase made out of ivory carved by the famous architect of the day, Karnak. This will be a stunning ending to an exciting tour of the Pyramids.

Your inside the pyramids VIP tour of Egypt will take you to the Valley of the Kings, the burial site of King Tutankhamen. This is where he is buried after being killed in his own palace. Here you will find Tutankhamen's tomb, which is open to visitors. The tour also takes you to Luxor, which is the industrial heart of ancient Egypt. Here you will see the remains of the colossal ancient buildings which were once a major part of the trading centres of the area.

The most exciting part of your inside the pyramids VIP tour of Egypt is going through the Moses valley. This is a narrow and picturesque valley known as the Red Sea. The Red Sea has produced pharaohs and kings with their golden crowns as they laid tombs for their ancestors.

On your inside the pyramids VIP tour of Egypt, you will also visit the Egyptian Museum. This museum houses one of the largest collections of artefacts from all over the ancient world. This museum houses a large collection of jewellery, fine sculptures and colourful fabrics. The inside environment of this museum is breath-taking. When you visit Cairo, make sure that you take an inside the pyramids VIP tour.