What not to do in Egypt

15th Jan 2023

Egypt is rightly called the Land of the Pharoahs. It is home to the mighty Nile river too. The Ottoman extravaganza in Cairo to the ancient Seven Wonders- The Pyramids of Giza, you are in awe every second of your stay here.

Best time to visit is from November to February. It gets hot during daytime even in December. However, mornings are way colder if you are considering the valley landscape, the desert and the oasis.

While you might have read about the best things to do in Egypt, in this post, I will be detailing the things you will need to avoid doing there.

1. To begin with..be careful of scams. You will meet beautiful and friendlier people, chances are you will also meet scammers. If you have any private or group tour booked already, then stick by your guide and do not fall for any other offers.

2. Fake currency is a rampant issue in Egypt. You can use both Egyptian Pounds and Dollars easily but be careful on the exchanges. Banks are available in Cairo airport with money exchange receipts too.
Another option is paying with cards in places  possible.

3. Local transport or taxi. This is not a viable option for tourists. You might get charged higher fares.

4. The walk through the Giza Pyramids should be avoided as it empty. You will find Valley of Kings  interesting with the tombs instead. Take the camel ride instead at Giza for the Panorama View. The cost for a single camel ride can be 15 dollars.

5. Shopping is literary available around all places of attraction. Bargaining is your only way out. The Khan-el-Khalili bazaar is a hype and we did not find it any worthier. The area has high traffic during office hours.

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Photo of What not to do in Egypt by Srijita Mitra
Photo of What not to do in Egypt by Srijita Mitra
Photo of What not to do in Egypt by Srijita Mitra
Photo of What not to do in Egypt by Srijita Mitra