My South African Adventure Tale. (Sky diving, Bungy jumping, Shark cage diving and more.)

Photo of My South African Adventure Tale. (Sky diving, Bungy jumping, Shark cage diving and more.) by Tropical Owl

I’d like to begin my story with something that concerns most travellers, the budget. I booked my flight two months prior to the departure and a round-trip costed me 40000INR, from Mumbai-Johannesburg via Adis Ababa Flight and an additional 6000INR for a domestic flight from Johannesburg to Cape town.

I flew 'Ethiopian Airlines' (not recommended), you could book Etihad Airways for less if you book early, and 'Hahn Air' from Joburg to Cape town.

Talking about the visa, it costed me approximately 4000INR for a period of 15 days (tourist visa).

In total, I spent around 50000INR for my visa and air transfers, which could have been easily covered under 40k.

Day 1

So, I’ve titled this trip as the adventure tale cause we started facing adventures before landing the south African land and all this started when we didn’t have our visas in our hand even a day before the flight.

But somehow we made it work and got our visas the evening before the flight.

We took off at 5:25 AM from Mumbai and reached Johburg by 1:30 PM.

After reaching Johannesburg in the afternoon, now we had an 8 hours of halt for the Cape town flight which later turned to be 10 hours and then some more.

The O.R. Tambo airport seemed to be very nice and huge till the time we were out and chilling but as we cleared the security checkin in the night, there was no lounge or restaurant or even a smoking lounge open inside that area. (As it was too late for them to keep it open inside the airport)

We passed our time here and there till the flight arrived.

We flew from Johburg at around 2:45 AM and reached Cape town by 5:00 AM. (2:10 hours flight)

Day 2

Immediately after collecting the luggage, we ran to find our shuttle arranged by the hotel, cause we needed rest and our first day was already scheduled to leave by 10:00 AM again for the lined up activity.

We got our hotel bookings at StayEasy hotel which is at the city centre of Cape town.

Stay at Cape town.

Photo of StayEasy Cape Town City Bowl, Bree Street, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, South Africa by Tropical Owl

We got a double room here for Rs.7500 with a good filling breakfast included in the fee.

We went to our rooms and just crashed for straight 3 hours.

We left the hotel by 10:00 AM for canoeing at bot river lagoon in Arabella Estates.

It's an hours and 45 minutes journey from Cape town city centre to Arabella Country Estate.

This wasn't just fun canoeing cause they made us walk for a km stretch and then picking up our canoe and canoeing gear we walked again for almost a km again to the river bank.It was tiring but once we hit the bank, we were all ready to take the task.Canoeing is hard when you row opposite to the stream, but turns to be fun when you go with the river stream.

Photo of Bot River, South Africa by Tropical Owl

While coming back from Arabella we didn't go back to Cape town but checked in at Windsor Hotel in the Beautiful city Hermanus. (My favourite)

The hotel is at a beautiful location which is called the Marine Drive ;) We got our Double rooms here for Rs.5500. If you are lucky to grab the sea view room than what not, there's nothing to feel sad if you don't get one cause once you get down from your room, cross the road and there you are at the shore. I enjoyed one of my life's best sun set there.

It’s also a whale spotting sight if it’s the season and you lucky.

Stay at Hermanus.

Photo of Windsor Hotel, Marine Drive, Hermanus, South Africa by Tropical Owl

Ruling the own world.

Photo of Windsor Hotel, Marine Drive, Hermanus, South Africa by Tropical Owl

After resting for an hour or two I went for a walk to search for some good sea food up there. For the starters I went to Wooden Barrels which was a restaurant nearby.I had a Sea food basket which had calamari, prawns, hake, mussels and chips, which costed us 150 ZAR. (777 INR) I loved the mussels, well I like them all the time and everywhere.

Photo of Wooden Barrel Restaurant, Marine Drive, Hermanus, South Africa by Tropical Owl

Food in South Africa may seem expensive on the menu cards but the portion they serve is too much.

After having this heavy starter I joined my friends at nearer restaurant from my hotel which I just passed by, judging the name Tapas.

Tapas turned out to be the place where I had one of the best nachos in my life. Nachos here are hossloaded with Bacon and jalapeno cheese (I am a Bacon and cheese lover). A plate full is enough for 2 to fill in. It costed us 130 ZAR(670 INR).

Best Nachos.

Photo of Tapas Food and Wine Bar, Harbour Road, Hermanus, South Africa by Tropical Owl
Day 3

Next Day was Adventure and Fun together as we had an ATV ride scheduled in the beautiful terrains.

The ATV rides were arranged by the SA forest adventures from Hermanus who charged us 550 ZAR (2830 INR) for a ride 1 hour and 30 Minutes.

So, this is actually too much fun to do, the ride starts from their base camp and you go up to the mountain crossing a small farm.

The view from the top of the mountain is magnificent to watch and to ride the ATV’s on the terrain is exciting.

We also did Zip lining from a mountain to the bottom at their base camp, you’ll be taken to a point at the mountain on a tractor or a jeep and then a hiking for around 500meters to the starting point.

Photo of Sa Forest Adventures Hermanus, Camphill Road, Hermanus, South Africa by Tropical Owl
Photo of Sa Forest Adventures Hermanus, Camphill Road, Hermanus, South Africa by Tropical Owl
Day 4

The day next was scheduled from something really exciting and adventurous, which we all were looking forward to. It was the shark cage diving day at the South Atlantic ocean from Gansbaai. We left Hermanus by 11:00 AM and reached there by 12 PM in the afternoon.

We booked our cage dive with White shark project for which we paid some 2150 ZAR (11,074 INR). Few things you should keep in mind before booking:

1. Do research about the tariffs around.

2.Book an Early/First slots for the dive as increase in Sea traffic may disturb your date with sharks.

3.Also enquire about the water visibility status before booking.

4.Majority of sharks here are copper sharks, which are smaller in size so nothing as such to fear about.

For me it didn't turn to be as Adrenaline pushing as I thought and imagined it to be.

Link for White shark project:

Shark cage diving.

Photo of White Shark Projects, Geelbek Street, Van Dyks Bay, Gansbaai, South Africa by Tropical Owl

While coming back frozen after the dive at the Atlantics to the hotel, we took a stop at a vineyard on our way for some beer and wine tasting sessions. Well south Africa is known for its wines and vineyards so if you go to SA, sure visit one.

Photo of Birkenhead Brewery, R326, Stanford, South Africa by Tropical Owl

After having so lot of wines and beer, we went back to the hotel and sat at the sea shore, stargazing till late night.

This is where I felt in love with Hermanus as the town, perfect peace, Ultimate Food, Ethereal scenic beauty, perfect sun rise and sun set followed by beautiful stary nights and the townies partying in the club at weekends.

After long star gazing and lots of conversation, we went back to our rooms and slept tight.

Day 5

We left Hermanus after a lovely 2 night stay , at 10:00 AM and reached our destination, which was the Table top mountain base in Cape town by 12:00 PM.

For the day 5 we planned to hike up to the table top mountain, but we were not sharp enough to plan this as the sun was already up and the time we reached the starting point it was just above the head. (we did have a cableway option)

Hiking up such steep mountain at such temperature wasn't my cup of tea though I did try hiking up but returned half way and booked a cable cars 2 way ticket for 330 ZAR (1700 INR).

The view from top of table top mountain is spectacular, you can see all of cape town from there.It was hell windy when I reached there that we felt like we'll be blown by the wind.

There's a food garage too, to stuff on something after the tiring hike people do.

Windy Table top.

Photo of Table Mountain (Nature Reserve), Cape Town, South Africa by Tropical Owl
Photo of Table Mountain (Nature Reserve), Cape Town, South Africa by Tropical Owl
Photo of Table Mountain (Nature Reserve), Cape Town, South Africa by Tropical Owl

Going back from the table top mountain in the evening, we wanted to do some pub and bar hopping.We booked our hotel rooms again at same Stayeasy property.

Getting freshened up we left for the Hop, We went across the Longstreet and found out a lot of Bar-lounges to chill.

I felt that the city centre is kinda most happening place in the cape town. You gonna get pretty much all the stuff you need at the Longstreet. It's Market, No of restaurants, Pubs, Bars and Shopping Garages.

Some interesting Buildings at Long Street.

Photo of Long Street, Cape Town, South Africa by Tropical Owl

Some interesting Buildings at Long Street.

Photo of Long Street, Cape Town, South Africa by Tropical Owl
Day 6

Today was the day I was dreaming about, my whole life and I was going to tick one among the biggest on my bucket list task.

I was going to do a tandem skydive from 9000ft, from a plane.We booked our dive with the company called skydive Cape town paying them 2850 ZAR (14,670 INR) for the dive and an extra 800 ZAR (4,125 INR) for a GoPro video.

Skydiving is one the best memory in my life, that adrenaline is of some another level altogether. It was damn exciting and safe to do it.

My tips for the first timers would be, I understand that one can be scared to jump from a plane but the fear is only till the time you haven't jumped and once you dare to, it's one of the most amazing feeling you gonna get.

Photo of Skydive Africa, Cape Farms, Cape Town, South Africa by Tropical Owl

After the Sky diving we went to the Victoria & Alfred waterfront for some meal and shopping.

I like this place pretty much as it's kinda shopping mall with food stops and entertainment solutions and lots of bars/lounges in a boat dock.

It's also popular for it's world recognised cape wheel.

The Cape wheel .

Photo of The Cape Wheel, Dock Road, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town, South Africa by Tropical Owl
Day 7

On the day 7 we had to go to meet some fantastic friends at Imhoff Snake & Reptile Rehabilitation Centre.

I guess by the name of the place you must have got to know that who were the friends.! Yes the snakes and some more reptile friends.

So Imhoff is taked care by Shaun and her wife tracey with some helpers and volunteers.The basically rescue snakes, reptiles and animals to take care of them and rehabilitate them.

There are plenty of snakes to watch and know about, which they already have. Shaun and Tracey also hold a small briefing session about the snakes and reptiles before you start with your centre tour.You'll also get to touch and feel the reptiles and certain snakes like an albino python.

A friend I made in Cape town.

Photo of My South African Adventure Tale. (Sky diving, Bungy jumping, Shark cage diving and more.) by Tropical Owl

We spent our Noon with the imhoff family, the premises had a Cafe and a very good gelato shop on which we binged for our lunch that day at.I loved the Pork pin roll at their cafe a lot.

After leaving from there, we all had a chill evening at an indian restaurant on long street and then eded our day up there.

Day 8

I always wanted to experience the hostel stay, so we thought why not there and then.

We checked in to a hostel in the long street itself. The rooms were decent enough at HomeBase Backpackers and costed us just 254 ZAR (1300 INR) for a 4 bed mixed dorm.

The property is clean and all the staffs are very friendly and helpful, the hostel also has a roof top bar and a Kitchen with sittings on the terrace.

Today we had no task as such planned , we decided to visit Bo-kaap.

Bo-kaap is a colony initially owned by the immigrants from all the parts of globe in South Africa, which later turned to be the most vibrant part of the city when three houses symmetrical to each other decided to paint there houses in some totally different colours and then got followed by everyone else.Today Bo-kaap is one among the top attractions in Cape town.

Photo of Bo-Kaap, Schotsche Kloof, Cape Town, South Africa by Tropical Owl
Photo of Bo-Kaap, Schotsche Kloof, Cape Town, South Africa by Tropical Owl

After the stroll at Bo-kaap we went to this very known place called Beer House, this place serves 99 types of bottled and 25+ Tapped beer in the place.

So, if you are a beer person than you should definitely have a session here. The food is also nice and with a filling portions. (I had the biggest french fries of my life here)

Espresso flavoured beer.

Photo of Beerhouse, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, South Africa by Tropical Owl

btw these were the fries I was talking about.

Photo of Beerhouse, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, South Africa by Tropical Owl

After having some beer cocktails and bottle of beers while going back to the hostel it was raining so, we picked up some onions and chick pea flour from the shopping mart to ignite the Indians in us with rainy evening and Besan ke pakode with some red wine instead of chai ;)

Day 9

Today we planned to leave Cape town for the most awaited Adventure of our tour, and for that we had to leave for Plettenberg Bay in the evening.

For the day we took rest and just before leaving I got my hair braided just for 500ZAR (2,562 INR) in the local market of Cape town.

Photo of Cape Town, South Africa by Tropical Owl

We took a Bus from Cape town Bus station to Plettenberg Bay Petrol bunk.We left Cape town by 7:00 in the evening and reached plett by 3:00 AM in the morning.

Day 10

We already had our hostel bookings at Amakaya Backpackers at Plettenberg Bay and they already knew about our arrivals.(Always keep your hostel reception updated about your arrival)

The hostel is nice and clean, there's a plenty of space as a lawn and parking if you have a car.

The hostel also has a common kitchen for the guests.There's a nice fire place at the Common hall of the hostel to keep you warm when it's cold and breezy outside, just how it worked for us.

Amakaya has a hammock at their hotel front and I was just on it all the time.

The Hammock chill.

Photo of Amakaya Backpackers & Apartments, Park Lane, Plettenberg Bay, South Africa by Tropical Owl

In the evening we went for a walk at the beach, which was a pretty nice plan we had as the beach was completely vacant and calm.We found plett a really nice and calm town to chill as it's beach.

Photo of My South African Adventure Tale. (Sky diving, Bungy jumping, Shark cage diving and more.) by Tropical Owl
Day 11

Today as our plan we were going to Bloukrans bridge for the world 3rd highest bungy jump. The Bloukrans bungy is 216 Metres high and is organised by a company called Face adrenaline and the jump costs 1350 ZAR/PP (6,914 INR)

We asked our hostel reception to book us a cab for the bungy point and guess what, they got us a 100 ZAR discount on Bungy fee, So now we got our bungy jump fee covered for ZAR 1250 (6,406 INR).

I was damn excited about this event cause i've been watching videos of this since I planned going to South Africa.

Bungy at bloukrans is the best adventure i've had yet.So, before it was my turn to jump there was this Irish guy who came back after jumping and I asked him "Hey, how does it feel?" and he replied very calmly with a smiling face, "It literally feels like you flying" .

Now it was my turn, I was Geared up and was taken to this spot from where I've to directly jump down 216 metres free, I felt am gonna faint midway.

The count began: 3,2,1, bungy and I jumped towards the best adrenaline push of lifetime one can have, I actually felt like I was flying like a bird.

Bungy at Bloukrans is a Must.

You get the video footage and photographs of your jump just like mine from their retail counter for 400ZAR (2,051 INR) in an email and you pay an extra 100 ZAR (513 INR) you'd get it in a USB device also.One can carry his/her GoPro along with them for the jump though.

After coming back from the Bungy we had some nice dinner at a restaurant named LM near the beach and went to sleep.

Day 12

After waking up and having some sausages for the breakfast, we decided to leave for Port Elizabeth by 11:00 AM.

We had no bookings for any bus for PE (i.e, Port Elizabeth) but we had some exciting plan to explore a new kind of travel for us, which was hitch hiking till there.

So, we went and found out a Diversion road at the highway to stand and start asking for lift.After an Hour or so, we discovered that no one is stopping for us so, we decided to make up a board for Port Elizabeth and stand.

That's my friend Setu making the board for us.

Photo of My South African Adventure Tale. (Sky diving, Bungy jumping, Shark cage diving and more.) by Tropical Owl

After we stood up with the board, there was no change then also.We were just thinking about what's going wrong and that's when we saw a lady comes beside us and starts asking for lift with a 20 ZAR currency in her hand. We got to know that this is how it works here in South Africa.

We got a 100 ZAR currency in our hand and started asking for it, our hard work paid us after almost 2-3 hours of standing on the road in the Bhari Dopahari (Mid noon). The drive was about 2 hours and 40 minutes from plett to PE.

We had our booking ready at a hostel named Aloha Africa at PE.Actually it was a hostel cum homestay kinda thing, which was managed by Family of a mother and son.

It was a Saturday night and the owner of the property suggested us to hit a nearby club to, which actually turned out to be a good idea for the evening later.

So, after coming to PE we got all freshen up and dressed up for the evening club, so we went to this club in Port Elizabeth which are actually 2 clubs side by side.We paid for an entry which allows you access to both of them and we had a blast night partying there.

We got to know that PE is like an Educational hub where there are lot of colleges, so young students move to PE for studies and that's where PE becomes a population more of youngsters.

After having this blurry night at the club we straight went to a 24x7 Mcd and then straight to our beds.

Day 13

Day 13 was kind of last day for us in South Africa as we had to leave PE by the evening for Johannesburg, we had our flights back to Mumbai in the afternoon the day next.

So we decided to have a good indian lunch (which we were actually now craving for), after that a visit to the Donkin Reserve and then will leave for the bus station.

We went to this restaurant which was run by a gujju of Mumbai, that restaurant actually came upto our expectations and served us some decent indian food there in SA.

Photo of My South African Adventure Tale. (Sky diving, Bungy jumping, Shark cage diving and more.) by Tropical Owl

After finishing the lunch, we had a stroll at the beach side and then booked a cab to Donkin reserve.

What all I can say about Donkin reserve is that it's a nice place to visit, it's an old light house now converted as a tourist spot on the top of a hill at PE.(that's all I know about the place)

The donkin reserve.

Photo of Donkin Reserve, Port Elizabeth Central, Port Elizabeth, South Africa by Tropical Owl

Finally it was time for us to say good bye to Port Elizabeth, we took a 6 o'clock bus in the evening from near the PE railway station.

Day 14

Johannesburg is a 11-12 hours journey from PE, and we reached johburg by 7 in the morning.We had a 1:00 PM flight and we still had a lot of time ahead to pass, so we decided to go to a coffee shop on the mid way to the airport.

Finally after some coffees and the window shopping at the music store next to the cafe we reached the airport on time.

And finally now we reached Mumbai back after some fuck ups by the Ethiopian airlines at the Adis Ababa airport about delay and then seats but then we thought finally we've reached mumbai and now everything is gonna be fine, that's when we discovered that one of the luggage of my friend has been misplaced by them.

Try not to book Ethiopian Airlines if possible.

With this I'd like to end this trip up here. Hope it helps people in some way.

Leave your queries and questions on the comment box, feel free to message.

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