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Chandigarh is a beautiful city with a unique distinction, that it is the capital of 2 states of India both Punjab and Haryana.

It is also called the city beautiful. Ever make a visit to this place and you will realise why is it called that.

Surrounded by the epic hills of kasauli, the backdrop of the city is just so beautiful.

The city is also famous for the epic Sukhna lake :)

And that is what i am telling you about in this

trip of mine.

Day 1

Sukhna lake is one epic lake situated in Chandigarh with the backdrop of beautiful mountains.

The manmade picturesque Sukhna lake in the foothills of Shivalik range is an idyllic place for quiet communion with nature and for offering water sports activities such as boating, yachting, water skiing, etc.

There are many exotic migratory birds visiting this lake during the winter season like cranes, storks, Siberian ducks etc.

One afternoon I also went here with my mother to witness the epic beauty of this lake. There was a lot of buzz with people getting ready to enjoy their respective boat rides.

There is a play area for kids and some rides as well.

Sketch artists are also there to draw a sketch of you or your loved ones.

Food is obviously available so you will have a lot of options to eat.

We took a ride on the lake and enjoy the beauty of the place.

Its a great place to spend some quality time.

Place is Neat and clean.

Beside the lake, you can feel the breeze blowing giving you a freshness.

Things to know :

-The entry ticket is not there but If you wanna take the boat ride it will cost RS 100 for 4 people.

- U can take private vehicles and rickshaw to reach this place and enjoy.

- You can also add rose garden and rock garden if you have an entire day in Chandigarh.

All in all the trip will surely not disappoint you

if you are in Chandigarh :)

Me with my mom and the calmness of the lake :)

Photo of Sukhna Lake by Deepak Kashyap

The lake with the boats

Photo of Sukhna Lake by Deepak Kashyap

Sun getting set.

Photo of Sukhna Lake by Deepak Kashyap

Park nearby where you can walk.

Photo of Sukhna Lake by Deepak Kashyap