What is like visiting Mahabalipuram in summer

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Every year till 8th std, my school picnic was to Mahabas, that be how much I write about this popular heritage, culture of Tamilnadu-Chennai still new thoughts crop up.

Mahabalipuram was also known as, Mamallapuram a UNESCO world heritage site, that history says it was found in 18th century BCE. Port Nirppeyyaru is called as present day Mahabalipuram. Two Pallava coins were found here, while it was a port for import-export between Srilanka and south east Asia.

The temples were built by, Narasimhavarman where on rocks in rock cut architecture, it was built. The mandapams are in chariot type that they are rock faced, which are 100ft long and 45ft high.

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There are some facts about this temple

-It is 60kms away from Chennai

-A UNESCO world heritage site, placed for culture and architecture.

-There is a deer pair seen at the bottom of Arjuna penance.

-An old lighthouse, carved out of walls and sculptures, is used to guide, vessels and ships.

-On one black stones whole temples were carved.

-Jalashayana located on the main shore temple, has a boar, that when sun rays fall, well is visible.

-There is a 60 feet, tall pyramid spiral, built out of granite that glows after sunset.

-This temple is also called as Pagoda because of the landmark of the sailors.

-Tsunami stuck this temple that the temple sank in the waters, that many sculptures got destroyed.

-Every year dance festival is organised here by Tamilnadu government.

Summers are hot all over Tamilnadu, though best time to visit, is from October to March, avoiding May, rest of the months in summer you could visit. Sands will be hot, less of cool breeze would blow, but you could enjoy water sports and lot of outdoor activities here.

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SHORE TEMPLE- A UNESCO world heritage attributed to Lord Vishnu, Prahlada was welcomed into this place, via Mahabalipuram.

FIVE RATHAS- They are called as panchayat rathas, which is dedicated to Gods and Goddess. Draupadi Ratna, Arjuna Ratha, Nakula-sahadeva ratha, Bhima ratha and Yudhisthira ratha.

TIGER CAVES- From Mahabalipuram, 5km away is this cave. The belief was Pallava king, sat in this chamber to address the audience. There is a Subramanya temple, inside this cave.

DESCENT OF GANGA- This monument is attributed to river Ganga, who on penance flowed here. It is a monolithic rock Boulder, carved, where legend Bhagirath did penance.

VARAHA TEMPLE- Devoted to Lord Vishnu built by Narasimhavaram 1 Lord Vishnu is seen in Varaha avataram here.

TRIMURTHI CAVE- Built dedicated to Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva belief that Goddess Durga slayed demon Mahishasura is carved here.

OLAKKANNESVARA TEMPLE- It is also known as, old light house, giving views of hillock, dedicated to Lord shiva.

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Besides the above temples there are, other places to visit.

MAHABALIPURAM BEACH- Known as, mamallapuram beach that is an extension of marina beach, offers you boating, and windsurfing. Bicycle tours are popular.

ALAMPARAI FORT- It was built by Nawab Dosli Ali Khan, which was a dockyard during British now is called as, beautiful fort which gives you picturesque views during sunset.

COVELONG BEACH- It was pronounced as kovalam a stretch of Bay of Bengal near village kovalam. Less crowd, fishing spot, with abundant nature and beautiful cool waters.

SCULPTURE MUSUEM - There are totally 3000 sculptures, seen here along with monolith statues.

MAMALLAPURAM LIGHTHOUSE- By climbing above, you get to have a full view of the whole city, which is very very captivating.

Reaching- From Chennai it is 40km away, so self drive is suggested for you will happen to enjoy the highway and overtime, flow of cool breeze from the sea.

Food- Huge dosa that covers from one end to another end of a table in, rectangle shape is popular. Seafood is abundantly available, whereby you don’t forget tasting, Southindian platter.

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-Visiting this spot in the morning is advised for by night it gets deserted.

-Don’t forget to drink coconut water, which is sold in plenty.

-Avoid lonely spots near the beach

-Watch the sunset and drive back

-Stick to a group than solo, if at all you are travelling solo be aware of dangers.

-Don’t forget to taste huge papaya, which is called as appalam in Tamil, sprayed with masala powder.

-If you are planning to stay pre book your rooms well in advance for summers are called no rooms, rush time in Mahabalipuram.

Being a popular coastal town of Tamilnadu, which played as a host for Indo China summit, Mallan means wrestler, so the name Mamallapuram. Though all through summer, Tamilandu is humid, still travel to this spot is pleasurable and memorable.

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