A day at Siyadevi, Chattisgarh!


Despite of the fact that Chhattisgarh is my hometown, but I have not visited many of the remote travel destinations so far! So I recently took the initiative of travelling to Siyadevi! It is located at 18 km from Balod district and 111km from Raipur. The road to Balod was pretty smooth but the temple was located amidst a forest. It was easy for me to reach there as I was on my bike but it was a bit scary for me as the area was stranded, so I would recommend going there with company! The temple is situated across a small stream coming from the waterfall and it is a calm place to sit. I also spotted a few aghoris around the place.

Photo of Siyadevi Waterfall, Balod, Chhattisgarh, India by Madhumita Chatterjee

Next, I left for the waterfall which is not very far from the temple. It is small and beautiful waterfall surrounded by hills and green tress. There was plenty water in it as it was rainy season. You could also take a dip in the water if you want. I couldn't as there was no changing room facility around. It is a nice place for picnics and weekends. I enjoyed my day at Siyadevi as I was looking for a peaceful getaway! So if you happen to be in Chattisgarh you can give this place a visit and spend a pleasant and relaxing day enjoying the greenery and the waterfall.