Explore These Stunning Waterfalls on Your Next Trip to Rajasthan



Photo of Explore These Stunning Waterfalls on Your Next Trip to Rajasthan by Mouna Nanaiah

The word Rajasthan is a synonym for vivid culture, grand palaces, magnificent forts and history itself. The biggest state in our country has a rich heritage and boasts of marvellous stories of valour. Activities in itineraries while visiting Rajasthan mostly include palaces, sand dunes and city tours.

What if we tell you that you can extend and add some of the most spectacular waterfalls in the state to your list? If you are not a first-timer then skip the tour of the mahals and baghs and head to these off-beat places instead. Here is an extensive list of waterfalls with a view in Rajasthan that you can pick from for your next visit.

Located in Bagidora, around 30 km from Banswara city in Naugama village, this waterfall is not big in stature. It is a place that completely transforms in the monsoon and the fall surges down fiercely. This is one of the must-visit falls after the rainy season. The lush green surroundings with massive rock formations around it add to the magnificence of the falls.


Photo of Jhola Fall, Sangram Pura, Rajasthan, India by Mouna Nanaiah

Yet another waterfall located in Banswara, this place attracts tourists due to its shallow water in which one can take a dip. In the monsoons though, the water flows with great force and it is ill-advised to take a dip in the river.


Photo of Kadeliya Dam, Ratlam - Banswara Road, Kareliya, Rajasthan, India by Mouna Nanaiah

Chulia Falls

The Chulia waterfall is around 5 km upstream of the Chambal River near Bhainsrorgarh. It is one of the most scenic falls where one can get the pleasure of witnessing absolute beauty. The rock formations here are unique. It looks like a mini-canyon while being surrounded with greenery on all sides.


Photo of Explore These Stunning Waterfalls on Your Next Trip to Rajasthan by Mouna Nanaiah

Bhimlat Mahadev Temple And Waterfall

At a height of 150 ft and an astonishing 6 km wide, the waterfall is truly splendid. What differentiates it from the rest is that one can pitch a tent nearby for a wonderful camping experience. Apart from visiting the Bhimlat Mahadev temple, you can also go cave exploring which is a rich and unique experience.


Photo of Explore These Stunning Waterfalls on Your Next Trip to Rajasthan by Mouna Nanaiah

Jua Falls

Yet another offering from Banswara, the city of a 100 islands. It happens to be a famous spot for family picnics where the falls have created a small circular lake. One can sit on the stones and dip their feet in the water while enjoying a quiet, peaceful time at the falls.


Photo of Explore These Stunning Waterfalls on Your Next Trip to Rajasthan by Mouna Nanaiah

Padajhar Falls is located in Rawatbhata, around 120 km from Chittorgarh. It is also accessible from Kota as it is around 60 km from there. The route there is full of small water bodies and leads to the Chambal River. The lush greenery there is unmissable too. The falls are mesmerizing, creating small pockets of water bodies and ponds near it in which you can bathe.


Photo of Padajhar Waterfall, Padajhar Khurd, Rajasthan, India by Mouna Nanaiah

This one is for the adventurer in you and involves a small hike to access it. It is at a distance of 5 km ahead of the popular Siliserh lake, around 25 km from the city of Alwar. The road leading to the falls could be in terrible condition but it is all worth it once you hike through the boulders to reach the falls. At the top there is also a Hanuman temple that becomes visible once you reach there. It is advisable to proceed with caution and with proper footwear.


Photo of Garwaji Waterfall, Rundh Binak, Rajasthan, India by Mouna Nanaiah

What awaits you 10 km from Sarmathura is a 300 ft high waterfall. You will be in awe at the sound and magnificence of the falls, as the water comes gushing from above and hits the surface. The access road could be in poor condition, so it is advisable to travel in an SUV. However, all vehicles are allowed entry. There are far and few shops to eat in-between, hence, packing some food items from Sarmathura would be beneficial.


Photo of Damoh Waterfall, Jakha, Rajasthan, India by Mouna Nanaiah

Located in the village, to which the falls owes its name, this waterfall is around 90 km from the city of Chittorgarh. The city is famous for the largest fort in Asia, the Chittor Fort. It is well worth holding off to visit these falls in the monsoon because these magnificent waterfalls all but consume the rocks on which they flow. The temples along the way are a big bonus with their architecture from the 11th century.


Photo of Menal Water Fall, National Highway 26, Menal, Rajasthan, India by Mouna Nanaiah