Ooty on my mind #notinnorth

29th Dec 2018
Photo of Ooty on my mind #notinnorth by Aritra Sen

Ooty is one of those places which you will really like if you are spending time with your better half. Its scenic and its hell romantic. We stayed at a place called Hotel Lakeview, it was little expensive because of New year.

Be sure to leave your hotel early morning so you don't miss the sunrise and the mist in the air. Locals wearing sweaters, mufflers and drinking coffee. Most of the locals are used to tourists and hence they speak English, so language is not much of a trouble.

Photo of Ooty, Tamil Nadu, India by Aritra Sen

You can hire a cab which will take you around Ooty. The vast lands from the top look breathtaking. The next picture is taken on the way to Coonoor. The driver kept us engaged by giving us little information like the film Raja Hindustani was shot there. The weather of this region was very different. It rained a few times while we were travelling and then it was sunny within few minutes.

Photo of Ooty on my mind #notinnorth by Aritra Sen

Our driver dropped us at Coonoor railway station from where we took a toy train to Ooty station. The one hour journey can be a little boring after the first 30 mins.

Photo of Ooty on my mind #notinnorth by Aritra Sen

We spent the next day visitng a forest reserve called Avalanche. We bought our tickets and a bus took 15-20 people through the forest. It was mesmerizing.

A temple on the way to Avalanche lake

Photo of Avalanche Lake, Tamil Nadu by Aritra Sen

The last stop on the way to Avalanche is a lake.

Photo of Ooty on my mind #notinnorth by Aritra Sen

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