Portuguese Fortress-Diu

Photo of Portuguese Fortress-Diu by Apeksha Mahto

We cross the Gujarat border and head towards Diu, one of the 9 Union Territory of India. Diu was included in the itinerary as it has the nearest airport from Somnath, the last destination of Gujarat trip.

Diu is a beautiful island, a bridge connects it to Gujarat. Once a Portuguese colony, the town is known for beaches and water sports. This place is situated on the coast of Arabian sea, has fort, churches, cave and beach resorts ideal to relax. The nearest place in Gujarat where you get Liquor and abundant of sea food. This is mostly a weekend gateway, we spotted many Gujarat cars around.

It was noon when we reached Diu, we took diversion route from Somnath due to expressway construction. First, we visited Diu fort, built by the Portuguese for the protection, when Humayun the Mughal emperor tried to annex the territory. The fort is huge but not all is open for visitors. The govt offices are built in area which are in good condition. The fort is ruined to a great extend, they still have cannons on display at fort wall. The fort is on the coast and among one of Seven Wonders of Portuguese Origin in the World.

There is St. Paul’s and St. Thomas church in the vicinity, the later one is turned to Museum to hold the artifacts. The museum were closed, so we just saw them from outside and went to Naida Caves.

Photo of Diu Fort, Fort Road, Diu, India by Apeksha Mahto
Photo of Diu Fort, Fort Road, Diu, India by Apeksha Mahto

The origin of Naida caves is still a mystery, it is believed they are formed by geological forces or due to quarrying done by Portuguese. The remains has structure resembling to stairs, walls and a script in ancient languaga. The rocks have designed formed due to erosion and sea waves. The caves are ideal for a photoshoot.

Photo of Naida Caves, Diu, Daman and Diu, India by Apeksha Mahto
Photo of Naida Caves, Diu, Daman and Diu, India by Apeksha Mahto
Photo of Naida Caves, Diu, Daman and Diu, India by Apeksha Mahto

Ganeshwar Temple is situated outside the Diu city, the shivlings are situated amidst rocks and are washed by waves continuously depending on the time of the day. This was our last destination before we headed to Diu Tent City, our abode of the night.

Diu Tent City is situated at the khodidhar beach, a different experience away from luxury of hotels. After check-in, we went outside for lunch at a restaurant in Nagao beach. It was early evening, the Nagao beach has water sports activities. We sat on the stairs and enjoyed the evening breeze, seeing the paragliders and jet-skiers.

Photo of Diu Tent City - Diu, India, Daman and Diu, India by Apeksha Mahto

Paragliding was on my list from long, finally I got chance here. The people are well trained and instruct you well. I landed in water, it was more fun than landing on beach side.

We witnessed the sunset from our place, the sky was painted with vibrant colors and hoka trees added to the beauty of the scenery. The other residents were playing games around and there was music to enjoy. We just lied on the porch of our tent and talked for long, had dinner their and went for stroll outside to the beach.

The vacation comes to an end, tomorrrow we fly back home. It was more than fun, Gujarat has been added to one of my favourite spots. The culture, people, landscape, heritage will never disappoint you.

**The flights from Diu are risky, depending on the weather only they operate. For us it was delayed by 2hrs, the locals told us that some time they even cancel about issuing boarding pass. Be ready to wait in airport or even spend another day in Diu.

Happy Vacationing!!

Photo of Nagao Beach, Daman and Diu by Apeksha Mahto