Dil, Dosti etc. At Dubai

Photo of Dil, Dosti etc. At Dubai 1/5 by Abhinav Daharwal
Photo of Dil, Dosti etc. At Dubai 2/5 by Abhinav Daharwal
Desert Safari is after all fun
Photo of Dil, Dosti etc. At Dubai 3/5 by Abhinav Daharwal
Who misses a riverside in desert
Photo of Dil, Dosti etc. At Dubai 4/5 by Abhinav Daharwal
Photo of Dil, Dosti etc. At Dubai 5/5 by Abhinav Daharwal

Dubai, the dream-city becomes the obvious weekend destination for anyone residing in Gulf country. Hence being in Kuwait for quite sometime we planned a weekend trip to Dubai, purely to quench our thirst!! (FYI:Kuwait is a dry state!!)

We pre-booked a Hotel Apartment in Bur Dubai area. This option was affordable, convenient and is apt for party animals.

After landing late at night we were left with few options to go to and to our surprise Le Meridian_ warehouse was still bustling with late comers.

Next day started a bit late and it was already evening when we decided to visit yet another disc. And trust me when I say this "the ambiance of that place was so loud and alive that one would get high just by being there. The party went on till ... no idea, that followed the after party again till noon time Again :)

Day 2, we went for the Desert safari. Safari's standard package includes, sand dunes bashing ride, camel ride, Hookah, camping in desert, Barbeque etc, etc and of course the unique Belle dancers.

Later that night we went to Atlantis and found ourselves awe struck by the enormity and beauty of the place. Lastly our trip concluded with visit to "The Burj Khalifa towers". Although you don't have to visit the monument as it is something you can notice from every nook and corner of Dubai, but you must pay homage to the mighty Dubai mall and the tower itself. We shopped around the mega mall captured some memories of modern civilization and left for Airport.

To summarize Dubai was for me a refreshing party experience. I will definitely recommend this for any weekend.

The next few hours were spent in enjoying signature Bluefrog cocktail, Dokkha or stash.(Definitely you need to have these when in Dubai!!) The refreshing environment and live crowd takes away your sleep and we fail to realize that its already 2am.

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