Where is Dubai and where is it located?


A surprising number of people are unaware of where Dubai is. It is a common misconception that Dubai is a country, or that Dubai is the capital of Saudi Arabia, but this is wrong.

Dubai is one of the of the seven states of the UAE. So next time someone asks you, where is Dubai? You need to remember this.

Next, the UAE is the abbreviation for United Arab Emirates, which comprises of seven states. So while you may think Dubai is a city, Dubai is actually a state within the UAE.

So the next thing to remember when someone asks you where is Dubai.

The seven states of the United Arab Emirates are as follows:

1. Dubai.

2. Abu Dhabi

3. Ras al Khaimah

4. Ajman

5. Sharjah

6. Fujairah

7. Umm al Qaiwain

What is the flag of Dubai?

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source: Flag of Dubai

What is the flag of UAE?

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source: Flag of UAE

The different states in the UAE have different flags.

Where is Dubai and should I visit?

Dubai is a great city to visit, but do remember that there is a limitation on public transport. Also it will cost you somewhere around USD 80 ie. Rs. 5400 per day while you are there. The UAE is a great country to visit and Dubai is not a very conservative city like other places.

Dubai is located on the persian gulf, to be more precise the south east coast. It is the shopping hub of the middle east and is highly developed. Dubai is filled with tall buildings and sky scrapers and is home to one of the fanciest hotels in the world, the Burj-Khalifa.

The hotel rooms in Dubai were rated the 2nd most expensive in the world and it is the 22nd most expensive to reside in. To answer further questions of where is Dubai, Dubai lies within the Arabian desert making it an extremely hot city. But due to it's proximity to the coast it is very humid.

If you have visited Dubai and know where Dubai is, do let me know!