World's Tallest Swing Makes Its Debut in Dubai's Bollywood Parks

Photo of World's Tallest Swing Makes Its Debut in Dubai's Bollywood Parks by Srishti (still.winds)

Theme park thrill seekers can now soar to new heights on the world's tallest swing ride, which debuted at Bollywood Parks in Dubai recently. "Bollywood Parks™ Dubai is the first park of its kind in the world. In six fascinating zones, you can experience different environments inspired by the greatest Bollywood blockbusters."

“Bollywood Sky flyer is the world record-breaking ride and is the tallest swing ride in the world. It is a unique attraction that appeals to both young and old, the adventurous and not so adventurous”, reads the description on the official website.

This swing , known as the Bollywood Sky flyer, will take you thrill seekers 460 ft. up in the air. It took about 600 days to create this masterpiece and today it has has broken the previous record of the 450 ft. tall Orlando Sky flyer.

The ride will allow the riders to be seated in a double seat next to their family and they will be completely secure in their seats. Then the swing starts moving up and down as it rotates around the giant tower in the middle. On the same day this Amusement park in Dubai launched a few other attractions. You can have a look at the various rides here.

If you are also astonished about this latest ride that Dubai's Bollywood Parks have to offer, you must plan a trip to Dubai to experience all of it. Make your bookings here!

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