The Isis Temple of Philae


The Isis temple of Philae sits on a small island in the river Nile near the city of Aswan in southern Egypt. It’s a major tourist attraction, and as it goes with the Egyptian destinations, they are not necessarily tailored to a solo traveler like me.  This I realised once again as I saw one after another tour group embarking on the boats  to the island. And these are not even the people staying on the big ships cruising the river Nile.  I was lucky enough though to hitch a ride to Philae.

 Photo of The Isis Temple of Philae 1/9 by Stino

The Isis temple used to be located on another island but along with the inundation of the Aswan dam the temple and many monuments were recovered and  repositioned on Philae and if you didn’t know you wouldn’t really notice.

Photo of The Isis Temple of Philae 2/9 by StinoPhoto of The Isis Temple of Philae 3/9 by Stino 

Photo of The Isis Temple of Philae 4/9 by StinoPhoto of The Isis Temple of Philae 5/9 by Stino

Upon entering the temple’s interiors the atmosphere coming off the walls is pretty special, the murals soak you into the ancient world, a time long gone but in a curious way it feels as if it’s the present moment. I was lucky enough to be alone in certain places, also when face to face with a little bird in a hole in the wall who caught my attention for minutes at a time. Gazing into each other’s eyes, I received a nourishing transmission of some sorts…

Photo of The Isis Temple of Philae 6/9 by Stino

 There is a tremendous amount of stories surrounding Isis ranging from the mainstream legends and fables we are being taught in school. Then there is the more esoteric notion of the mystery schools of Isis of which Mary magdalene and Jesus the Christ might ‘ve been initiates. The goddess Isis is also connected to profound cosmology, associated with specific planets aligned to the ancient world.

 No matter what might ring true to your inner ears, here’s the invitation to receive the power encoded in the murals of the collages below…

 Photo of The Isis Temple of Philae 7/9 by Stino

Photo of The Isis Temple of Philae 8/9 by Stino

Photo of The Isis Temple of Philae 9/9 by Stino

Even though Isis was the main deity venerated here, there were also shrines dedicated to the Hathors, multi-dimensional, extra-terrestrial beings who have been associated with numerous ancient civilisations of the past and most recently with ancient Egypt. 

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