Tripping to Tampere - Worth a Day !!

10th Feb 2018
Photo of Tripping to Tampere - Worth a Day !! by Anirban Roy

Seldom do such trips happen, when you decide of going out to an unknown place at 8 PM in the night while the last train to your destination leaves at 11 PM. Such was the beginning to our little roadtrip to Tampere from Helsinki.

Day 1

Roaming within Europe is easy, if you know the rules. We used to book our train tickets from Helsinki. The tickets cost you around 25 Euros per person. (good enough for a journey of 180 kms).

Photo of Helsinki, Finland by Anirban Roy

At 12.30 AM in the night, we landed at Tampere. We took on a freezing stroll by the lanes to reach our hostel, which is located within a fair 1 KM distance from the station. If you are travelling in the mid of the night, make sure you carry some gloves, unless you are someone like me :). As we walked through the lanes, the architecture of the buildings and the silence of the city had already started making an impression. We did call up JJ, our hostel representative who was kind enough to entertain his late night guests. We crashed into our beds with the joy of exploration.

At 8 AM, we start the day after having what Dream Hostel is best known for - a lovely breakfast experience for 6.5 euros each. With the map in our hands, we knew that Tampere is a small city to cover with a proper plan in place !!

Getting a one day travel pass is like a bible's statement when you are roaming around in Europe. 8 euros is the cost, and you can get it in a nearest R-Kioski, which was a close walk from the hotel.

The city is dissected by two lakes: Näsijärvi and Pyhäjärv, which are connected by the rapids known as 'Tammerkoski'. A rapid is something which is slower than a waterfall and faster than a stream. Walking alongside the bridge, I remembered that Tampere was founded as a market place on the banks of this same Tammerkoski channel back in 1775. History winds you back to the time of World War II, when the white forces captured this town.

Photo of Dream Hostel & Hotel, Åkerlundinkatu, Tampere, Finland by Anirban Roy

As you start walking down the bridge, you get to the Tampere theatre, a beautiful monument from 1904. Situated just in front of this hotel is the bus stop which will be taking us to our next destination, Tampere Cathedral, one of the places I had a wish to see. Tampere Cathedral is one beautiful structure crafted out of a natural stone. If you are a lover of frescoes, you will like this cathedral very much. Also the famous 'Garden of Death' and 'Wounded Angel' paintings present in the western and eastern gallery is a visual treat. However it would be great to listen to the choir music from the gallery, in the Easter maybe. The cathedral has a remarkable history from the past, and it is said that even the people of Tampere had posed for the church paintings, during the time it was getting constructed. The artists Hugo Sinberg and Magnus Enckell carried out most of the decorative work. During the time of concerts its said that the cathedral fills all its 2000 seats.

Photo of Tampere Cathedral, Tuomiokirkonkatu, Tampere, Finland by Anirban Roy
Photo of Tampere Cathedral, Tuomiokirkonkatu, Tampere, Finland by Anirban Roy
Photo of Tampere Cathedral, Tuomiokirkonkatu, Tampere, Finland by Anirban Roy
Photo of Tampere Cathedral, Tuomiokirkonkatu, Tampere, Finland by Anirban Roy

Breaking the silence of the cathedral, we ended up in Europa Cafe, to have some drinks, while it kept snowing outside. Best way to spend afternoons in Europe with friends!!

And then, the clock had struck 4.00. We took the next available bus - thanks to Google!! By the time, we decided to reach the Näsinneula Observatory Tower, the 551 feet tall structure, the second tallest standing structure in the Nordic region. It took us a patient 27 seconds to reach the top. The design of Näsinneula is inspired by the Space Needle in Seattle. This place is located in Särkänniemi amusement park, which has some amusement rides to enjoy, preferably in summers :) The frozen Näsijärvi lake tells you tales about a city that grew up by its banks. The place provides a brilliant panaromic view of the city, but make sure you reach before the sun set, to capture the enigma of lights!!

Photo of Näsinneula, Laiturikatu, Tampere, Finland by Anirban Roy
Photo of Näsinneula, Laiturikatu, Tampere, Finland by Anirban Roy

One floor up and you reach the very famous revolving restaurant, Näsinneula which provides you a remarkable dining experience. We had our first cup of coffee at the top of the world, literally ! This is a place you would crave to have your finest date - just like a self revolving ballad platform!!

The bus took us to the railway station at 7PM and we ate our hearts out Burger King, before boarding the train back to Helsinki.

Of course, we had time constraints, but here are some more spots you can choose from:

1. Finlayson Area

2. Tallipiha Stable Yards

3. Moomin Museum

For everyone who wishes to go on such a trip, here are a few pointers which will be helpful for my fellow travellers:

1. Get your train tickets from

2. Travel passes from R-Kioski

3. Hostel booking from

4. Use your google maps :)

So we had the tickets booked, but wait, hey : 'Are we gonna be freezing in the cold outside, what about the rooms man?' said Rivu.

That is when the most affordable and smartest European in us sounded in unison : hostel it should be. So, there we were, booking for Dream Hostel in Tampere.

We boarded the train at 11 PM from Helsinki station (this train leaves every night) and off we rolled towards our first unplanned weekend trip in Europe. The trains are comfortable and the best part is that you also get beers in the Ravintola area. (dining area)