Why should you visit Goa in Monsoon?

11th Jun 2016
Day 1

No scorching heat.

Lesser people.

Beautiful weather.

Drink up at the shacks.

Walk bare feet on wet sand.

Dance in the rain.

At Goa!

That's an ideal vacation for me. What more could I ask for? The flight tickets and hotel prices are cheap during the monsoon. The travel and stay was covered in 12,000/- only.

I've been to Goa during summer and winter, this was my first trip during the monsoons and trust me - it tops the list! We had packed shades and sunscreens (just in case), and none was put to use.

Although avoid venturing into the sea for your own good. We stuck to the beach and shacks (4/10 were operational). Fair enough, you won't starve at the very least.

Photo of Calangute Beach, Goa by Jul Sharlin
Photo of Calangute Beach, Goa, Calangute Beach Road, Calangute Beach, Calangute, Goa, India by Jul Sharlin

We had booked our stay well in advance at Citrus Hotel, Calangute (5 mins walk from Calangute beach). Pleasant stay, I must say! Good food, prompt service. Also, don't expect the hotels to have rooms available just because it's off-season. It will be full so book in advance if you want to stay at a good property. Guessing there's no particular season to visit GOA!

Photo of Why should you visit Goa in Monsoon? by Jul Sharlin
Photo of Why should you visit Goa in Monsoon? by Jul Sharlin

We reached quite early, so we dropped our bags at the hotel and proceeded to Calangute beach.

Get into a flip-flop mode (or bare feet mode) and stroll on the beach. Enjoy the pleasant weather, the rains, the tides, the cool breeze, and what not! We walked from Calangute beach to Baga and back!

Photo of Baga, Goa, India by Jul Sharlin

The shacks open in the evening but to our pleasant surprise, few were operational even in the morning (good for us). Grab few drinks at random shacks, relax and enjoy the sea view!

Photo of Baga Beach, Goa by Jul Sharlin

When in Goa, get wasted! But make sure you have someone who can take care of you. :-P

We decided to go for a Saturday night part at Tito's. One suggestion, do drink water and munch on something (I know the drinks are unlimited and inclusive, but still). Would you like to be hungover the next day?

Day 2

Dress up, go for candle light dinners at the beach shacks, grab few chilled beers and splurge on sumptuous Goan cuisine. (Major missing happening here). Don't forget to shack-hop!

Photo of Britto's, Calangute - Baga Road, Saunta Vaddo, Baga, Goa, India by Jul Sharlin

Buy things off the streets, like few neon bangles!

Photo of St. Anthony's, Calangute - Baga Road, Baga, Goa, India by Jul Sharlin

Enjoy some karaoke music while you take in the cold monsoon wind by the beach at St. Anthonys. Once you're buzzed, play 'ring the bud'. Being normal is too mainstream. SO GO CRAZY!

Photo of Why should you visit Goa in Monsoon? by Jul Sharlin
Day 3

Time to go back! I'll miss you, GOA. Till we come again!

Photo of Goa, India by Jul Sharlin

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