The Gypsy Soul in Goa

Photo of The Gypsy Soul in Goa 1/3 by Rucha S Khot
Photo of The Gypsy Soul in Goa 2/3 by Rucha S Khot
Photo of The Gypsy Soul in Goa 3/3 by Rucha S Khot

Losing yourself in a world unknown deep down and discovering new secrets about yourself is what this trip meant to me. Since the time I landed in Bangalore, I wanted to make this one of a kind trip to one of the most popular and exciting destinations in India solo, or with a few like minded friends, shedding all inhibitions and fulfilling all those desires that any young soul dreams of in Goa. One of the most spontaneous and carefree trips of my life was this. It made me know a better me, what I am capable of doing and that such a lucky gift of God is being given the chance to see this, which is life. I swam to my hearts content, it was magical. I visited a few, but the best places and that rendezvous moment it was just me and dance. No one could have stopped me, that was the moment I came to know what it means to dance like no one is watching.

Now on the verge of getting engaged I felt this trip was the best gift I could give myself. Each travel experience this year has revived my persona in the most enchanting way, and this one was no where less. Two lovely days with no control of what you are doing and just following your heart, sometimes listening to your heart is the best feeling you could get. Anjuna Beach, Curlies, Candolim Beach, Baga Beach, Calungute, Castella de Aguada, lighthouses, Cafe Mambo, Britos and Cabana. That is it. These few names define my trip. What better way to unleash your thoughts then a silent night walk at Baga Beach with just the sound of waves to your company, whispering all yesteryear stories of the beach and the romances all around, what a better night than surrendering yourself to music and dancing like no one is watching at Cafe Mambo just letting go off your feelings, the serenity and the view of the Vagiator from Aguada wondering about those mistakes you might have made in life, just pondering over your past and thinking what the gigantic future holds of you. At Anjuna, Curlies gave a ” kickstart” for such a bashful evening which was gregarious of course! There are sins that you commit and there are moments when you know the cause behind them, that was Curlies for me. It gave me the cause for long unanswered questions. Then there were drooling moments where I missed my love Kris, could have been the loveliest evening with vodka and whisky highs!

Nonetheless my friends on this trip took care of each other,we were there for each other all the time. At Cabana, speaking Spanish even in the “high” state was such a divine feeling. I remember my languages at all moments, it seems!, though it seemed funny, it was proof that my brain was made to function that way all the time. Bird watching was a good pastime when we were just lazing around on the beach and travelling to and fro from Goa. Britos gave me the sweetest dessert of this entire trip. Red Velvet Cake and Blueberry Cheese Cake, if it wouldn’t have been time to leave I would have ordered more and gobbled up all the pieces myself. Utter temptation with these two beautiful delicacies.

Tattooing my mother’s name was something that I had wished since I was 21. I fulfilled that wish. It pained a bit, but managed it with a bit of music and tuning in to my favourite songs near Calungute. It hurts, it does, but after your inked, you feel proud. Many a time there has been the feeling that I am stubborn and listen to no one in this world, not even my MOM, when the urge to do something is the most robust.This turns out disastrous but at the end of the day, you don’t regret, because you fulfilled the desire, not always at the cost of hurting someone, but a sense of satisfaction does come in.

Goa in India is treated to be a place for party lovers, for doing illegal stuff, also people would shy away coming here with their parents. My first trip to Goa was with my parents and I could be the luckiest because I cherish the first trip. I really want to come here only with Mom once more and do crazy stuff, just the both of us. On this trip I felt acquainted to so many things in Goa. Driving through the streets of Goa after renting bikes was like a cherry on the cake, I love driving through gloomy lanes and sunshine peeping in through the trees, which came true to the road at Aguada Fort. The colours of the evening that merged into each other, like waters of the vast Arabian sea and the gigantic sky playing hide and seek with each other.

The only innocent souls on the beach were the tiny, naive children that I found everywhere, making cute sand castles and dreaming of owning one, just like I did when I was 5. Took me back to the time when I would have given away all the toys I possessed just to own one grandeur like that! For each travel destination you always wish that it does not come to an end,coming back to work on Monday seems like a painful process in such hard times. I discovered my gypsy soul in Goa, the one who loves spontaneity, craziness and has become bolder, not scared of crossing those boundaries for which the world may call you names. There is one in each of you.

Find it ! :)

Signing off for the next.

Rucha S Khot.