Travel gave me wings to fly

4th Sep 2016
Day 1

My Dream is to fly..!!!My favorite travel adventure would be to Goa cos that place gave me freedom, gave me memories & calmness. Never been on an adventure trip. Cos all my trips would be with family in summer vacation in Goa visiting relatives house. One day wen I was coming back from one of the relative house I realized I can't waste my vacation  go. So next day I woke up early packed some sandwiches & decided to explore Goa. I took my bicycle & went through all the lanes of Goa. & finally reached a spot filled with greenery & it had a small stream flowing. I set my bag & just felt the moment & the happiness I got made me love myself more & the step that I bravely took no doubt it was a small step but the serenity I found made me love every moment that I was there. From that day on every morning I made most of trips by exploring on my own. So from a tiny caterpillar I transformed into a free butterfly.. #TripotoTakeMeToHampta 2.0

Making the most of Goa

Photo of Travel gave me wings to fly by Rachel Shinde
Photo of Travel gave me wings to fly by Rachel Shinde