Jambughoda a place to remember #Cousinsonly

19th Nov 2014
Day 1

With a place to visit with cousins it took alot of time to realize that destination doesn't matter 😅.  But when we realised that there is a place just nearby to where we were we took off and went to embark this beautiful journey of a lifetime. The place jambughoda is a heritage, historical place. Where they have also stored the fossils as a novelty. There is still a king there who takes important decisions and decides what is to be done. We loved where we stayed for two days. It was in the premises of the king's palace and was wonderful. Vintage beds, doors without knobs but just a latch was so cool. And the weather was just delightful. I loved that we got to try what the king eats. So tasty it was . Also did some horseback riding , played with the puppies there. It was just a very peaceful quiet and a lovely time. The famed Jambughoda wildlife sanctuary is located in Gujarat’s south-central part and has Vadodara as its nearest city at about 70kms from the city. Tourists visiting places like Champaner and Pavagadh should not miss the chance to visit this noteworthy wildlife sanctuary of Gujarat located at a stone’s throw distance from those two tourist spots. The sanctuary falls within Gujarat’s Panchmahal district and sprawls across an area of about 130.38 sq km. The sanctuary came into being in the month of May of the year 1990. The area of the sanctuary is fed by two major water reservoirs; i.e. Targol and Kada which not only add to the scenic beauty of the place but also make the reasons for the diversity of wildlife habitat in the region.

Prior to independence Jambughoda wildlife sanctuary area was under the Jambughoda princely state of Gujarat. The region has an undulating topography and the small hillocks around the region are thickly forested and are dotted with tiny tribal hamlets.


The champaner fort and our family of 6. #CousinsOnly

Photo of Jambughoda by Mrunali Thakore
Photo of Jambughoda by Mrunali Thakore