A Town Out Of a Fairly Tale

29th Jun 2023
Photo of A Town Out Of a Fairly Tale by C G Yashika

Nestled amidst the Gharwal Himalayas of Uttarakhand district, exuding the warmth  that soothe your soul in the freezing cold of winters, lies the tiny village of Harshil.

I feel awfully out of words to describe the beauty of this awe-inspiring, cozy little town. Located at an altitude of 8590ft, visiting this place during the off-season is a charm.

🗻The breathtaking snow caped mountains that cover your view.

🏞The crystallized streams and the majestic Ganges in her calming teal blue hue.

🏚The distinctive wooden and stone houses built on terraced slopes, with elaborate carvings that blend with nature and elevate the beauty of this place.

👨‍✈️The elaborate morning drill at the Army base camp which can be witnessed from a distance.

🍎 The frozen apple orchards spread across acres, if you are lucky, you might be able to get your hands on a few.

🫰The warm and welcoming locals that flash a warm smile when your eyes meet.

Are just a few things my heart has not been able to get over with.

Due to the extreme cold during winters, the locals often relocate to lower altitude areas, you'll find the town with a sparse population.

You'll find decent places to stay, since I had a local friend helping me out, it was easier.

A few things you can expect and be prepared with,

1. Limited choices of food, largely Maggie is a staple.

2. You might find it difficult to use the washrooms, due to frozen pipes. However, they provide hot water on request.

But, this weighs too small in front of the "Out of a Dream" experience.

Having soaked myself in the tranquility of this surreal village twice, I haven't had enough of it yet.

I look forward to visiting again. Probably, in summer or autumn this time and explore some traditional food, celebrations and way of life.

Photo of Harsil by C G Yashika
Photo of Harsil by C G Yashika
Photo of Harsil by C G Yashika
Photo of Harsil by C G Yashika