JIBHI - a raw beauty!!

27th Sep 2019
Day 1

a cup of chai....

Photo of Jibhi, Himachal Pradesh, India by _nostamponpassport_

a misty morning of Jibhi......

Photo of Jibhi, Himachal Pradesh, India by _nostamponpassport_

let's get lost together!!

Photo of Jibhi, Himachal Pradesh, India by _nostamponpassport_

After all there are many beautiful places surrounded with mountains but why “Jibhi” din’t fade away from my memoir. So I planned out my trip to explore the young beauty.

It was the time when summer was about to bid an adieu and nip in the air said hello to September!! Later evening, I took the HRTC volvo (Himachal Road Transport Corporation) from Kashmere Gate to reach JIBHI. After changing 3 vehicles from volvo to local bus and then picked by our Homestay owner in their Maruti 800 we reached to this raw beauty. Jungle Book, a little wooden homestay, my home for 2 days had the coziest room with best views to sink in. Without any delay I asked my Homestay wali didi to get me a cup of tea. The tiny colourful houses seems to be relaxed surrounded by the tranquility all over the village. Life was super slow as compare to any other part of the himachal and certainly still untouched so far. While I was googling what are the things I can do being there I realised this is the place just to sit, laid back and relax. My first day went well while reading my novel sitting at the window corner, talking to didi and having Aallo ke Paranthe, knowing more about village life, how they stay content with basic necessities. As afternoon almost passed by, I left my room and went for a walk. There were rare to no traces of human could be found and I was really happy about it. As I reached near to market I found a local food joint & had the yummiest Pasta. A simple yet cozy day came to an end with some clicks which I clicked while wandering into the village.

Day 2

just after rain.....

Photo of Jibhi, Himachal Pradesh, India by _nostamponpassport_

Jibhi waterfall........

Photo of Jibhi, Himachal Pradesh, India by _nostamponpassport_

stay mad in your madness.........

Photo of Jibhi, Himachal Pradesh, India by _nostamponpassport_

wilderness and rawness.........

Photo of Jibhi, Himachal Pradesh, India by _nostamponpassport_

As morning arrived, my eyes were partially opened. It was a misty morning curling up with the thick deodar trees, birds were still nestling in their nestle under a tree, a half awake morning was soaking in the rawness of Jibhi. It was a cloudy morning with a gloomy skies. I woke up as easily as Sun was rising onto the sky.

I had my stuffed cheesy omelette breakfast before I leave for Jibhi waterfall. It was at a decent walking distance from my homestay. While on the way, I saw some school kids going to school, ladies were doing their daily chores, saw one not so commercialized factory with a machine which was identify apples as per their sizes. It was a small village but had a life which was simple yet satisfying. As soon as I reached to Jibhi waterfall, it started drizzling decently. I took shelter under thick trees and luckily after sometime nonseasonal monsoon took a halt. No wonder why Jibhi waterfall is so famed among tourist and travelers. It was a small wild Forrest with wild flowers, artistic trees which has numerous wooden bridges to cross our path with ease. The massive waterfall was melodious and equally like a beautiful beast too. I spent some good hrs for my remembrance.

Last evening of my trip started with a gloomy sky and ended with a crimson golden hues. It was the end of September when a cold wave starts knocking onto the door hence bonfire wasn’t a bad idea. I had a chit chat session with Didi and Bhaiya (who were running the cozy wooden structured Homestay and that freezing cold night came to an end with a bowl of hot Maggi. And in the morning, I parti in the search of another “Home” away from my Home!!

How to reach JIBHI, Himachal Pradesh from Delhi?

Take a bus from ISBT Kashmere gate to Manali, get down before Aut Tunnel, take a local bus till Bhuntar, from Bhuntar take another local bus till Jibhi.

Places to visit in and near Jibhi:

Jibhi Waterfall, Jalori pass, Serolsar Lake, Chehni Kothi, Raghupur Fort, Great Himalayan National Park

Best Time to Visit Jibhi:

Summer: The best time to visit Jibhi is from March to May. The weather in Jibhi during summer stays pleasant throughout the day and chilly at night.

Monsoon: If you like light drizzles, Monsoon is also a good time to visit Jibhi. Monsoon in Jibhi starts from June and continues till September.

Autumn: Bloom season knocks down the door in the month of Oct-Nov hence its also a perfect time to visit if you want to see freshly blooming flowers, sunny mornings, the lush green nature.

Winter: If you are a snow lover, Jibhi is a place because it always receives snowfall. Winter of Jibhi are extremely cold and frosty hence don't forget to carry layers.

Jibhi can be visited any time of the year based on your preference of what you would like to see there.