Kasol – Another solo venture

24th Nov 2015

Day 1 and 2

There was some jinx between Kasol and me,
whenever I used to make plan, my friends ditched me.

This time I decided to go solo
to explore the place with my own shadow.

I booked an evening bus from Delhi
reached Bhunter with an empty belly

On the adjacent seat I met a man
who was a contractor and a businessman

He snored the whole night
but when he talked, he talked  right

He discussed his business
and I discussed my passions

He asked that why I was alone
Didn't I like the company of known

I said I wanted to spend time with myself
To find and to explore myself

He helped me find a bus from Bhunter to Kasol
My guest house not being good I started taking a stroll

I booked a new place 'Raj Palace'
It was a perfect place to find solace.

I started exploring the roads and cafes
The Parvati river and the mountains. 

That's how the day was well spent
More to come as to what I saw and dreamt. 

Photo of Kasol – Another solo venture 1/13 by Nancy Agarwal

Parvati River

Photo of Kasol – Another solo venture 2/13 by Nancy Agarwal

Graffiti on Kasol walls

Day 3

The day started with breakfast and the river view

Alpine cafe, mountains and the sky which was bright blue

I started my trek for Chalal

reaching there in half an hour

Wondering what to do next

I met a group of people who suggested to go to Rasol

which was a two hours trek

I joined them in their venture

And when they stopped in between

Bidding them goodbye, I continued with my own adventure

Two hours passed and I couldn't see any sign

I met a group of villagers who told me

it would take another two hours, but I would be fine

We walked together till the half way,

talking in sign language

Washing face in waterfalls, drinking water

as I was carrying no sandwich

The mountain was getting steeper

And I started losing patience

Alone, empty stomach and the fear of unknown

Pain started in my leg bone

But there was no looking back now

I had to reach Rasol somehow

Finally I reached my destination

and for me it became a pure celebration

I hogged on food like I hadn't eaten in days

Paranthas, Maggie, chai and the lays

When the stomach got full

my mind started working

No stamina to retreat

Yes! a new guest house- I started searching

Exploring the village Rasol and climbing further

I found a guest house with the name Dola Ram

Mr Dola Ram being the owner and Ramesh the caretaker

With the snow covered mountain peaks

the view was spectacular

It was worth a trek

and I realised that's how life is of a traveller

It was chilling cold there at the top

I could see the clouds moving in my lap

and suddenly I felt a rain drop

Ramesh immediately moved the bonfire inside the kitchen room

Cooked delicious omelette and tea

Talked about his two children

and the story of how he became a groom

Rains became heavier

We chatted with the TV on

I retreated to my room

thinking what was next from thereon

Tired but unable to sleep

I grabbed my book "Into The Wild"

As if it was my story

I read and smiled

It was an amazing day 

by all means

And I didn't realise

when I went into the deep dreams.

Photo of Kasol – Another solo venture 3/13 by Nancy Agarwalbridge to cross Parvati River- Way to ChalalPhoto of Kasol – Another solo venture 4/13 by Nancy AgarwalTrekPhoto of Kasol – Another solo venture 5/13 by Nancy AgarwalTrekPhoto of Kasol – Another solo venture 6/13 by Nancy AgarwalThe fellow villagersPhoto of Kasol – Another solo venture 7/13 by Nancy AgarwalView from my Room- Dola Ram Guest housePhoto of Kasol – Another solo venture 8/13 by Nancy AgarwalMr Ramesh

Day 4 and 5

I started retreating to Kasol

the next day

with more confidence

as then I knew the way

Reaching Chalal

I took a break

I stopped at Guru Cafe

which was serving ash cake

There I met few people

who joined me in my journey to Kasol

We stopped at river bed

which was there common protocol

Tired but still energetic

I went to Little Italy Cafe

I had Apple Cider

as I realised it was Friday

The day was still incomplete

As I hadn't gone to Evergreen

Trippy music and delightful dinner

Watching the brightness of full moon in between

The next day I caught a bus

till Manikaran

which is famous for its hot spring, Gurudwara and hot cave

amongst everyone

I went into the cave

and it was like taking sauna bath

so soothing, so meditating

it removed all the previous day's trek wrath

In evening I caught bus till Delhi

reached my home the next morning

Happy, peaceful, settled, satisfied

Kasol, a heaven on earth

I left behind.

Photo of Kasol – Another solo venture 9/13 by Nancy AgarwalVapours of hot Spring- Shiv Mandir (Manikaran)Photo of Kasol – Another solo venture 10/13 by Nancy AgarwalIn Shiv Mandir black chana boiled in hot spring water is given as parshad Photo of Kasol – Another solo venture 11/13 by Nancy AgarwalHot springPhoto of Kasol – Another solo venture 12/13 by Nancy AgarwalManikaran

Photo of Kasol – Another solo venture 13/13 by Nancy AgarwalKasol