Roadtrip, 4 friends. Noida-Sangla

28th Mar 2018
Photo of Roadtrip, 4 friends. Noida-Sangla by Sanjay Kumar
Day 1
Photo of Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India by Sanjay Kumar
Day 2

We packed our bags and left from Noida at 12:00 AM. So the fun part was we will go by Car. We were four friends and only two of us drive, so it was a challenge for us because the journey was around 600Kms oneway. We took a tea break near Karnal at around 3:30 AM and yes it was a cold night, but we were full on energy and excited. After the break we resumed our journey.

The next break we took was in Shimla at around 7 AM. The beauty there was aw0some. We had tea and Maggie there and rested for a while. And now comes the toughest part, it was all hilly area ahead and journey was still around 220 Kms.

These 220 Kms looked so far to us, but our excitement made us motivated and thrilled. For this 220Km we took 3-4 short breaks and it was around 7 in the evening we reached the Sangla valley. During our journey from Shimla to Sangla, we saw some amazing nature view, rivers , mountains and villages, it was all in the way we thought it would be.

Day 1

After coming back from office, we were sitting and having our dinner. A long weekend was ahead and we did not had any plans. After having our dinner, we started our normal daily gossips and we were discussing about our trips and experiences. That was the point where we thought why to waste weekend and lets explore something new. So we decided to visit Sangla valley.

Day 2

We did not had any booking, so we searched and found a pleasant homestay just outside the village towards Chitkul. It was managed by some guy from Israel in partnership with a local guy. He charged us Rs 1200 for one night for 4 people. So it was around 8:30 PM and we were sleepless as we drove without taking any major breaks. We drive for 17 hours. We took a small walk towards village and had our dinner and we slept.

Day 4

The next morning we started our journey back to Noida, We planned to spend this night in Shimla. Again through the same beautiful mountains and view we reached Shimla in the evening. We spent some time on mall road , did some shopping and tasted some good local wine. We had friends already living there so we stayed at there place, and finally next day early morning we drove back to Noida and our memorable trip ended.

Early morning we woke up, and it was a one pleasant morning anybody would have thought of. The sunshine , mountains and the valley. We started our journey for the last village i.e Chitkul. We passed through the mast ram chownki which was managed by the Indian Army. There is an interesting story behind the name. It was around 24Km journey, full of best scenic views. After reaching Chitkul we had our brunch and headed towards the valley, A beautiful river flowing and the wind made our day. We spent about 3 hours there. The peace we got there can not be describe. In the evening we drove back to our home stay, had some bon-fire with drinks and music.