Lothal, Modhera and Adalaj: A 2 Day Trip in Gujarat

Day 1


Photo of Lothal Harappan Period Archaeological Site, Saragwala, Gujarat, India by Ritika Verma
Day 2


Photo of Modhera Sun Temple, Modhera, Gujarat, India by Ritika Verma


Photo of Rudabai Stepwell Aka Adalaj Stepwell, Adalaj, Gujarat, India by Ritika Verma

My in-laws stay in Ahmedabad, and last year, for the first time I got a chance to stay for a longer duration in the city. I never had a chance to explore Ahmedabad or even nearby sites before that. It was during this trip, that I came to know about a lot of interesting destinations. With keen interest in history, architecture and culture a weekend was dedicated to visiting some awesome places.

Day 1


We left in the morning to visit Lothal. This is the archeological site of Indus Valley Civilisation. The then-city ruins were laid out, the hierarchical layout of the city, a museum with found artefacts, extremely interesting.

We had lunch on the way back, and also stopped at the Nalsarovar bird sanctuary on the way (though due to lack of time we didn't visit it.) It is must recommended during early mornings.

The drive was about an hour and a half to two hours one way.

Day 2


My cousin had recommended the Sun Temple of Modhera to watch sunrise, and a perfect place for a morning date.

We left around 3.30 am to arrive just in time for the sunrise. It is about a couple of hours drive one way. With just a few tourists around (other than us), we got a guide, who gave us complete attention, and talked about this architectural wonder. The amount of detailing that has gone into creating these structures, with no technology being available to those who had constructed it, is simply marvelous. What is also amazing is how mythology and science are weaved into every part of this structure. Makes you wonder like mythology and science are in union, teaching you the same things - just using different nomenclature.


One our way back, we took made a stopover at the Adalaj stepwells. While there are quite a few stepwells in India, this one is quite unique. If you can ignore the tourists clicking selfies and the now-dirty water of the stepwell, the structure has a lot to offer.

There is also a tree outside the premise which has roots deep in the ground, and is possibly centuries old. It's a luxury to see that some trees have survived the test of time, and are rooted so deep in our nature that nothing destroy them. They show, that nature will survive, we may not.

This brought us to the end of the weekend trip. On both days we came back to our home in Ahmedabad. If you're visiting, you can also stay in the city and make day trips to these places.

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