Time to Hvar! Enjoy this relatively unknown island in the Adriatic!

21st Oct 2016
Photo of Time to Hvar! Enjoy this relatively unknown island in the Adriatic! by Nishad Kulkarni

Hvar is a small, beautiful Croatian island in the Adriatic Sea. Crystal clear waters in the beach, cobbled streets and centuries old bars make this island a perfect holiday. Popular in summer for its never ending parties, Hvar can be enjoyed in the low season as well. Being in the Adriatic means that it never gets too cold around here, so most of the year is a good time to visit.

Why travel to Hvar

If you want to spend your days partying and jumping off boats in clear warm water or if you want to spend a lazy day at the beach just admiring the beautiful landscape around, then Hvar is a perfect place to go to. Check out the amazing stuff you can do in Hvar –

This is where you arrive by ferry on the island and it remains as one of the island’s best places. The entire port is cobbled and the buildings are medieval, so it gives an enchanting feeling. A number of bars, cafes and restaurants line the port, so some of the best food in Hvar is found here. You can also walk through the town from here and visit the Hvar cathedral.

Photo of Porto Hvar, Hvar, Croatia by Nishad Kulkarni

You can rent a boat for a whole day on the port and explore these islands by yourself. Most of them are uninhabited, but do have a number of bars and restaurants. You can pack a crate of beer, hop on a boat and you can bar hop the islands via boat! The Carpe Diem beach is infamous for its parties in summer. That’s when the party crowds flock here after getting bored of the Greek islands!

Photo of Paklinski Islands, Croatia by Nishad Kulkarni

This ancient fortress sits atop Hvar town on the mountain and overlooks the entire town and the Paklinksi islands. It makes for a good hike, but if not you can always rent a moped and ride up there. The present castle dates back to the 13th century and seeing this gives an idea of how Hvar must have been before it turned into a party island!

Photo of Fortica, Hvar, Croatia by Nishad Kulkarni

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, then you can go and visit some of the other towns on the Hvar Island. One of the other main towns is Stari Grad, located on the north side if the island and it takes only 25 minutes to get there from Hvar town. You can either take the bus or ride up there yourself, via moped. When you’ve explored most of Hvar town, it makes sense to go to Stari Grad and have lunch there. The other town on the island is Jelsa on the eastern side. This town is more quitter than the other two and it takes about an hour by bus from Hvar town.

What to Eat and Drink

Hvar is known for its seafood, especially calamari and octopus. While these remain the most popular foods on the island, it also offers Italian and Mediterranean food. Some of the good restaurants to enjoy both types of food are Dalmatinos and Konobo Menego, both near the port. A decent meal in these places will cost you around 150 kunas (INR 1500). If you want something more within budget, streetside bars and eateries such as Falkos or U Smokve will suit you. Offering burgers and sandwiches, a meal will cost you around 80 kunas (INR 800). Once you’ve finished eating, or before if you prefer, you can head to the taverns around the port. Some of the good local ones are Hula Hula bar and Red Baron near the port. The bars remain open till 2am and the clubs till the morning. If you’re heading to Hvar to party, the best way is to go in a group and rent a boat or go to a yacht party.


For Indians, holding a valid Schengen visa (multiple entry) will get you access to Croatia and its islands. You can apply for a Schengen visa through VFS. To apply for one you can go to VFS global. If you don’t want a Schengen visa, and are going just to Croatia, then you can apply for a Croatian visa as well (as of 2018) through VFS. However it is recommended to get a multiple entry Schengen visa.

When to go

The summer is the time for parties, so if you’re heading to Hvar just for that, July and August is high season. The weather in September, October and April, May is also good. So if you still want to party low-key and want to explore the island, September is a good month to visit.

Getting there

You will first have to get to Zagreb or Dubrovnik. Return flights from India to Dubrovnik are around INR 37000. If you go to Dubrovnik, you can get a direct ferry to Hvar for about 210 kunas (INR2100). You can check schedules here. If you arrive at Zagreb, you can take the bus down to Split, and take the ferry from there.

Getting Around-

Hvar town can be explored on foot, but if you want to go around the countryside or go to Stari Grad, the best way is to rent a moped. There are many rental places around the town, and your hotel and hostel will most probably have tie ups with them. If its high season, the mopeds are costly. They can range from 150 – 200 kunas (INR 1000-2000) per day.


Return Flight from Mumbai – Starts at INR 37000

Ferry to Hvar – INR 2100

Moped Rental – INR 2000

Hotel or Apartment per night – INR 3500

Meals (budget) – INR 800

Boat rental - INR 6000

Accommodation –

If you’re in Hvar to party and on a budget, hostels are the best way to go. The most popular hostels are Dink’s Place and another one called Earther’s hostel. The average price per night for a bed is 120 kunas (INR 1200).

If you’re looking for something a little more fancy, then Hvar has some nice apartments as well. Starting at 400 kunas (INR 4000) they offer privacy and a little more luxury. If you’d like to go all out and splurge yourself, then the Riva Hvar Yacht Harbour Hotel or the Amfora are excellent choices. Both of these properties offer stunning views of the coast and the town, so staying here is guaranteed satisfaction.

Most of the hotels and hostels are located within walking distance from the port. If you’re looking for something quitter, Stari Grad has a few apartment options available too.

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