We heard about this island before, and we had already established an opinion that this was one of the main clubbing destinations in Europe. Therefore, when planning a trip, we chose the hotel based on its distance from the main entertainment centre. Our hotel was Grand Palladium, located close to the famous Hard Rock Hotel. This resort has a direct access to a long, wide beach. As the best beaches in Ibiza are public, the could not place on sunbeds, and we had to rent them from local businesses. It was worth it as the sand gets very hot and the sun is quite active, and that requires being under the umbrella. Water had a pleasant, comfortable temperature and was clean. Water sports were available as well, for my husband it was a matter of principle. In general, the beach vacation was a success.

Photo of Ibiza 1/3 by Enotus

Although this was a beach holiday, we still rented a car, to have an opportunity to travel around the island. We visited its administrative centre – the town of Ibiza. In addition to the historical center, it has a quay with a port and a wharf for yachts. It has charm of a typical resort town. It is filled with cafes and tourist shops, the streets are decorated with flowers and public space are well maintained and decorated to reflect the historic appearance of the city. We found the town quite pleasant. To rent a car you may download an app in order to have the access to the best rental offers worldwide in your phone.

Photo of Ibiza 2/3 by Enotus

As for clubbing, we decided to start with a visit to Hard Rock Cafe on the rooftop of the eponymous hotel. This roof is notable for the fact that has a panoramic view of the coastline and the airport, located in the immediate vicinity. This airport location added some color evening pastime – imagine sitting on the roof of the hotel with a cocktail, and watching giant airplanes rushing right over your head . There is also a weekly White show with elements of modern dance, flamenco, fire dancing and gastronomic delights. As we have noticed, the entertainment industry on the island has its own special schedule with restaurants and cafes available during daytime, and – Hard Rock and similar night clubs in the evening . And clubs begin their program after 2 am, even midnight is too early to go out. One of the most famous clubs is located in Ushuaia hotel in the beginning of the club area.

Photo of Ibiza 3/3 by Enotus

What is particularly memorable is the large number of elegant young people, chilling in the evening and waiting the start of “clubbing time.” Usually, people spend the time after dinner and before the clubs (it takes several hours) in bars, not knowing how to amuse yourself. We also noticed that there are not young people waiting for “club hours”, there are people of age as well: both men and women of “elegant age” were dressed accordingly for going to the club. We were happy to see this – in Europe, age is not an obstacle to any available entertainment. In general, few days on this island left the most pleasant impression, and convinced us that is it a place worth coming back to.


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