Best Beautiful 8 Places In India

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India is a land with rich nature, culture and heritage. There are such beautiful places in India, that take your breath away and makes you say, Awesome, Lovely and Beautiful. Here they those beautiful places in India to blow away your mind:

1) STOK RANGE - It is called Stok Kangri, situated at 6,153m at LADAKH,on the Himalayas. This valley has grazing landscape and is near the village Stok.

2) NOHIKALIKAI FALLS - Located at CHERRAPUNJI, this falls is one of the tallest plunge waterfalls in India. This falls is also popularly called Jump of Kalikai.

3) YUMTHANG VALLEY - It is situated at SIKKHIM, at an height of 3,564m. It is also called The valley of Flowers. Rhododend, Primelas, Iris are famous flowers that grow and bloom in this valley.

4) LONAR SAROVAR - This lake is situated at MAHARASTRA, Buldana district, which was created by Meteor impact and it is called Saline Soda Lake. This lake was believed to be on volcanic origin,whereby th crater is in oval shape.

5) DRANG DRUNG GLACIER - It is a mountain glacier,in the KARGIL DISTRICT. It is a long river, of ice and snow, which is a tributary to Zanskar River. It is also popularly called Durung Drung Glacier.

6) TUNGNATH - Located at UTTARKHAND it is situated at an altitude of 12,073 feet. It is also famous for highest Shiva Temple,in the world. This temple has North Indian Style architecture. Tungnath is a ridge that divides, Mandakini River and Alakanda River.

7) HOGGENAKAL FALLS - It is located at the DHARMAPURI district,on the River Kaveri. It is referred as "Niagara of India". It is also famously called Marikottayam.

8) NANDA DEVI - It is the highest mountain in UTTARKHAND, which is a part of Gharwal Himalayas. Nanda Devi National Park is declares World Heritage Site. Beautiful places are defined as best places, in a travellers mind. These 8 beautiful places in India are a treat to every travellers eyes. DONT MISS VISITING!