Hailstone rain @Nawab's Land of India : bike trip to Hazarduari Palace Museum on Marriage Ceremony

2nd Mar 2019
Photo of Hailstone rain @Nawab's Land of India : bike trip to Hazarduari Palace Museum on Marriage Ceremony by Mobarak Hossain
Day 1

North Pole of India:-

Around 10 km away from 1000 door palace suddenly everything becomes dark like at midnight. I check my wrist watch it shows 2.30 pm. Atanu riding with me sitting on pillion seat of my bike. He mockingly says are we riding to murshidabad or North Pole!

Let's start where all begins at first place.

Invitation to Nawab Palace:-

Hazarduari always in my bucket list but it never becomes real because of lack of planning. Last week when my friend Rupam invited me over phone for his marriage ceremony, instantly the idea of hazarduari trip comes to my mind. I was very determined this time i"ll make it at any cost. On the very next day my convincing mind arrange 3 more friends (Sid, Gopal and prince) to join with me whether they are not invited. Everything was planned that prince will drive us to berhampore in his dad's car. Yesterday Gopal called me that he and prince both can't make because of their personal issue. As they are not going Sid also becomes out of the plan. Today at 9'o clock morning I starts my bike from my hometown Burdwan (around 130 km away from berhampore) all along.

I tell my mom and dad that I am planning to go to berhampore to attend Rupam's marriage ceremony after my hospital duty (near katwa around 45 km from my home). Before they yelled on me, I convinced them I will take train from katwa to berhampore after my duty.

Chasing with Indian Railway:-

I begins my journey all along riding my blue bird. After 10 mins I realize I am not alone, for accompany Indian Railways gives me a train running on railway track besides my road (SH 14) which connects burdwan and katwa. Rather I am chasing her, she (local train from burdwan to katwa) waits for me on next platform when I am left behind.

Last night Google wheather told me I should not ride because of high chance of haistone rain. But who cares! As all of my friends ditched me I contacts my assistant atanu if he wants to join with me. He resides near my hospital. Over phone We decides I"ll pick him up from his home.

Around 10.30 am me and my partner both arrive on Srikhanda railway station. I say goodbye to her as I have to go to hospital-quarter room to put my belongings for tomorrow's duty purpose. As I take one day leave from my duty I quickly refreshed within 5 mins at my room. My journey resumes from my hospital following picking up atanu from his home to katwa.

Chai Pe Charcha:-

After reaching katwa we discuss over tea and cigarette on which road we should take to berhampore. From katwa there is two route one is through plassey town (where iconic plassey war takes place on 23rd June of 1757 AD in between British East India company and Nawab of Bengal with his French alliances) and another route is through ketugram-kandi route( which is around 20 km longer). In short route through plassey town there is ferry crossing over mighty Ganga. After a short debate we decides to take first route. We reach at ferry ghat around 11.30 am where Ajay river meets with Ganga such a beautiful spot. This is the place where you can spot gangetic dolphins luckily we seen one. We get on the boat with my bike. After 30 mins oscillating journey of ferry boat we reached on the other side of the river. At sharp 12'o clock we resume our journey towards plassey in search of plassey battle ground.

After half an hour of riding we stops near plassey. Atanu opens Google assistant to locate the battlefield and he gives me directions. After while we discover gateway of plassey battlefield from where at 2.5 km distance plassey monument is situated.

After visiting these historical structure we resume our journey towards berhampore at 1.30 pm.

I check my wrist watch it shows 2.30 pm. Atanu riding with me sitting on pillion seat of my bike. He mockingly says are we riding to murshidabad or North Pole! We have to get shelter in a roadside chai shop. God of storm throws thousands of ice-balls bt noone is dare to take risk of batting. Continuous 20 mins bowling everything becomes clean bowled out and we are watching it like T-20 match. Sun dismiss the match and we are heading towards 1000 doors palace reached at sharp 3'o clock. As ASI undertakes the historical place I knew I would be disappointed. The palace is 3 storied while the top floor is prohibited by ASI. When I argued they told me due to lack of government fund they are not able to renovate top floor. For safety reason they do not permits public for top floor. However one can travel back to nawab's era by roaming around the palace. Just opposite to palace beautiful hazrat Imambara is situated. When we goes at gate the writing again disappoints us as this gate opens only during maharram days for public.

Attending marriage ceremony:-

Around 6'o clock we return to berhampore to attend ceremony. we stayed at government lodge near berhampore station. We refreshed and starts heading to marriage hall where we meet with our newly bride and groom and enjoyed a lot with our other friends. As we have to return on early morning we go to our lodge around 2'o clock.

Next day morning around 7'o clock we headed for hospital. Via Kandi it takes to reach at hospital almost 4 hrs as we choose the long route to avoid morning ferry crossing.