Did You know about the Fossil Village in India ?

Photo of Did You know about the Fossil Village in India ? by Deep India Tour & Trek Guide
Friday Featured : The fossil village of India.
Millions of years ago , died insects and plants turn into fossils. Most people know that , if they had paid attention in their science classes in school. But what most of us didn't know, was where to find it.
In the valley of Spiti , tucked in the high Himalayas, a village called Langza can be called as a home ground for fossils.
Here , you can find fossils , mostly everywhere in the region of the mountains around. If you have spare time , one of the best activity you can do is go fossil hunting!
And for others , you find fossils as old as millions of year old , at just a price starting from 20 Indian Rupees, from the kids that would come running up to you as you visit Langza. This small fossil salesmen have a variety of fossils for you, to choose from. They also persuade you quiet easily with their cuteness and sweet talks. But in the end you are never cheated , as fossils make up, for one of the best souvenirs to take home , from the middle lands of Spiti.
Would you go fossil hunting in Spiti?
Photo of Langza, Himachal Pradesh, India by Deep India Tour & Trek Guide