Photo of I AM BACK 1/1 by Misfit Magellan

I know it’s been a long time since I did this. I am off the roads for a while, starting to pen down a series of blogs aiming at covering every detail about the Indian leg of this journey that has just been accomplished. These series of blogs will have all the emotions of the ride perfectly captured during this journey.

An unassuming 21 year old guy is the talk of the town today with more than 50 articles in print and electronic media publishing the story on “How a 21 year old guy rode around India for 150 days”.

What happened?

How did all this happen?

What changed?

Going by logic! There is no answer for this question but there are certain things beyond logic. Yes! Do you believe in magic? This is one such tale where miracle happened.

Life has changed, things around me have changed, and I have changed. This particular phase of life is very important for me. I clearly remember a couple of months before taking up the ride, staring at my bank account and coming in terms with the fact that I won’t have enough money to pay next months rent and utility bills.

I have heard stories of people who saved up for years to take their travelling. Here’s my story of how I was in the opposite side of the coin but still managed to live my dream.

The stories of random act of kindness, the unconditional love of people, the world being the most amazing place to live and its people are the kindest is what is going to make these stories interesting.

One new story a day from today for the next 150 days is a challenge that I am imposing on myself. Gear up for some mind blowing stories, insights, tips and everything under the sun.

The lone wanderer wasn’t alone all this while after all. It’s you; yes you are the ones who is riding this making me who I am.

Here’s to come back! Here’s to an end and a beginning of an adventure.

Here’s to 150 days of riding around India covering 32000 km.

I AM TRULY BACK, much better than how I left. Stay tuned for some fire works.