If You Travel for Food, Here Are the Bloggers Whose Stories Will Set Your Taste Buds Tingling!


The most fantastic way to explore a place is not on foot, but through its food!

Nothing exemplifies the culture, heritage and traditions of a place better than its cuisine. Food, the manner in which it is prepared and served provides a deep insight into the very essence of a place. Be it the road-side prawn noodle bowls of Bangkok or the yummy appams that are served on banana leaves, a gastronomical adventure as you travel is always a memorable experience. If you travel for food, here are food and travel bloggers who will tell you the best places to treat your taste buds!

Sukhmani Sakhi

Sukhmani is a bonafide glutton for whom a trip is measured by the amount of delicious food she's had. She is not only a foodie, but also loves to cook new recipes and cuisines. She is on a journey to explore the best restaurants and cafes of every place she visits. Treat the ‘Food and Travel’ section on her blog as the only guide you need to eat at new destinations!

Click here to read about her ultimate foodie guide for Amritsar.

Richa of Savory Tales

If you want inspiration to start cooking or reinvent your cooking style, look no further. On Richa’s blog, you will find hassle-free recipes like mug-dhokla, no-bake chocolate tarts and fantastic recipes to ace your favourite Indian dishes. Whether you want to cook chole-poori, sambhar dosa, gajar ka halwa or aaloo tikki, her recipes will take you on a tour across India.

Check out her exciting food journey from Delhi to Chandigarh here.

Isha Saxena of ChompSlurrpBurp

Bored of cooking the same old ghar ka khaana? Head to Isha’s blog to whip up delicious meals that are vegetarian and healthy. If you’d rather eat out, let Isha show you the best thukpas of Majnu Ka Tika and the most famous breweries of Pune. Isha also travels around the country, in search of the most delectable, finely-crafted meals. If this weren’t enough, her aesthetic Instagram feed will entice the foodie in you. So follow her lead, and next time you eat at a restaurant, you won't be disappointed.

Read her experience at McLeodganj's beloved Illiterati cafe here.

Lakshmi and Gautham of The Knot Story

This dynamic duo is on a mission to trot the globe, try as many new cuisines as possible, and bring stories to the world. Lakshmi and Gautham will guide you to hidden gems around India, all while focusing on the food culture that those places offer. Follow them as they pursue adventures like trying a thaali with more than 25 dishes!

Read about their experience of authentic Japanese dining in Delhi here.

Neeru Singh of Eat Story

Neeru beautifully amalgamates story telling, travelling and her love for food. She creates highly engaging vlogs that will take you on a voyage to discover food across India. From the biggest foodie hubs like Amritsar to the food that is served during a fest in Assam – Neeru covers it all. With stunning visuals that truly reveal the culture of a place, her vlogs will leave you craving for a trip and a scrumptious plate of food.

Check out her guide to the best food in Old Manali here.

So next time you travel, don't settle for Maggi and omelette just because you can't decide where to eat. Follow these bloggers and let them help you discover food like never before.

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