Is Fear Stopping You?

Photo of Is Fear Stopping You? 1/1 by Vineet Pal Singh

Before my first trip, I spent a substantial amount of time pondering how to overcome lack of money and fear of what would happen and all kind of questions starting with 'what if...?'

So here is my easy 2-steps methodology of overcoming with all the fears and variety questions that I got acquainted with before my first trip to South India.

* Course One - Stop thinking too much

Often you might have heard of how courageous is the person who traveled without calculating consequences and pros and cons and what if's of traveling?

Just remember one thing that I was not courageous to make my first move out of cozy-comfortable-surrounding, it was just that I didn't thought for the very long time and that move made my travel possible!

We keep thinking particularly on how to make our travel 'the best', we tend to find more negatives than the positives in it, to rectify those situations or at least get prepared about one but those negatives make us scared of the fact of going to nothingness.

Think about your life, and how many times you did not opt for something exciting because you were afraid, because you did not know what will the result of your move be? How many times have you regretted the fact that you did not just try?

This very thought of not thinking on what could happen and how to be prepared for certain situations made me start traveling because you can not think of every probable situations and they are endless which will eventually make you keep thinking of the problems which will keep delaying your plans of traveling. These are the situations where fear gets in to play its role which is completely unnecessary and harmful.

Although fear can be useful when it comes to the survival instinct, when having learned from experience, it can alert you to upcoming situations that would be desirable to avoid. No one denies that.

It's simple logic - 

Not thinking too much will keep you ahead of many negatives which works subconsciously in nagging and delaying.

Even let's say you are not still convinced with fact of preparing well with as much as situations, you never know what life has to serve you? Do you? You don't. What will you do when you find something out of the box? And believe me most of the time you get one like that. You have to think, gather your experience in, try hit and trials, etc.

When ultimately you have to be on the road with such position then why wasting your both time and energy in delaying the most beautiful experience of your life?

Either way, it was not feasible and justified fearing.

So I stopped thinking about the negative aspects of travel, and just started traveling.

* Course Two - Gather Experience

Photo of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India by Vineet Pal Singh
Photo of Ajmer, Rajasthan, India by Vineet Pal Singh

You are done with course one, now comes the experience.

It is in general, practical is way more important than theory!

Before my first trip, I traveled to Amritsar, Goa and Manali of which I had packed my backpack with stuffs more than twice the weight of what I actually needed. Excess clothing, unnecessary extra toiletries, and it's been happened with most of the people I heard of, spending extra cash for just bathing instead I paid them the charge of whole day. In my after trips I then bargained for the price to just 2-3 hours for shower and getting ready to cut my cost and not paying a comparatively huge sum for a whole day.

My first trip. First solo journey. First CouchSurfing. First hitchhiking. First long trip.

And at the very beginning I was already convinced that not-thinking was the right way. Because, mostly positive things happened to me on the road, and when some negative events took place – I accepted, experienced, and learned something from them.

I would suggest you to take as much as of tiny experiences by traveling to nearby places and try to lower the cost. This will help you to get acknowledged with how to hitchhike, how to talk to strangers, where to look for cheap food and accommodation, how to communicate in different language, etc.

These small experiences and whereabouts of different situations will get you prepared and give you an insight to your long trips or your foreign trips.

Eventually you will know that there was nothing to get feared of and to be lot less worried with 'what if...' questions.

These are the two easy steps to come back when you have worries about traveling.

In the end, stop thinking and asking yourself questions than to look to broader side of traveling. With the above steps you will gain confidence and that will what make your fears whoosh!

Hope that helps.