Land of high passes.

4th Jun 2017
Day 1
Photo of Hyderabad, Telangana, India by Prashanth Ramola

We have started our journey from Hyderabad by train, it has taken 25 hours to reach Delhi.

Day 2
Photo of Delhi, India by Prashanth Ramola

We booked 3 bikes in Delhi. So from the Delhi railway station, we have taken a cab to the bike store.

Day 3
Photo of Chandigarh, India by Prashanth Ramola

Around 4:00 PM the engines were started to beat the road & crossed Delhi. Almost we reached Chandigarh.. suddenly heavy dust storms and heavy rainfall make us stop at Ambala. We decided to stop and stay at Ambala in the small Dhaba, they offered us shelter for free.

6:00 clock in the morning, again it started raining but we decided to reach Manali by evening.

Day 4


Photo of Gulaba, Gulaba, Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India by Prashanth Ramola

Without taking permits at Manali, we reached the gulaba checkpost. We don't know that without taking permission at Manali, we cant cross the Gulaba checkpost to reach Rohtangla. It's sunset time and we can't go back to Manali, so we decided to take permits online through mobile phones but we have to wait till the next day.

Camp fire

Photo of Land of high passes. by Prashanth Ramola
Day 5

So we camp there itself in gulaba for a night.

Photo of Marhi, Himachal Pradesh, India by Prashanth Ramola

Started from Gulaba without having breakfast cause we couldn't found any stalls in Gulaba as we got information from a policeman that after a few kilometers it's at Marhi we found some hotels and clothes stores.

She offered few woolen clothes for the best discount.

Photo of Land of high passes. by Prashanth Ramola

And crossed the second highest motorable pass in the world- Taglangla.

And by evening reached pang, a small village between Leh and taglangla. One of our bikes needs to puncture the back wheel.

One night in pang.

Day 6

Leh palace

Photo of Leh by Prashanth Ramola

Finally, we reached Leh with many water crosses and Off roads