Leh Ladakh - Bro its a Land of Passes !!

15th Apr 2017

In Every traveler’s list leh ladakh is at top.

Everyone wants to visit this heaven at least once and enjoy its beauty either via Road trip, Royal Trip or Rowdy Bike trip. Actually this place is a heaven on earth. Once you enter Leh, you just get lost into the Beauty of Mountains.

We were in this heaven for 10 days but I think 10 days were not enough to capture its Beauty in camera as well as in our heart.

I always wanted to visit this place about which I have heard and read experiences of thousands of people.

Then finally one strong beautiful lady accompanied me :P my Boss cum friend, a big thanks to her for making my dream comes true.

Day 1:

Leh is at 11000 ft from Sea level so to set our breathing in consonance with the high altitude, acclimatization is extremely important before beginning our quest. For the same we took a full day rest after reaching Leh in the morning at hotel Padma, bit far from Main market and fortunately we experienced and witnessed a serene view of Leh from its windows.

Day 2

Day 2:

Place to Visit: Hall of Fame , Leh palace , Spituk Monastery and leh local Market.

Here Start Actual trip. We hired a Scooty for local Sight seen. Driving Scooty on this dangerous road its self is Courage.

Hall Of Fame:

Photo of Hall of Fame, Leh by Dipika Thakkar

Hall Of Fame: It is a museum constructed as well as maintained by the Indian Army in the memory of the soldiers who had lost their lives during the Indo-Pak wars. It is also termed as a memorial for the war heros. This building consists of two floors. There is information about the brave soldiers as and a souvenir shop but on the first floor, there are artifacts of various wars (mainly Kargil war) such as the weapons used during the war and some important documents, related to the same. There is another section also which are related to the Bit of History of Leh ladakh & its cultural cloths & food.

Spituk Monastery: Spituk monastery is a beautiful & peaceful Buddhist Monastery at leh District at leh Srinagar Highway its near to hall of fame.

Leh Palace: The palace had a lovely view and good structures to see with a temple of Lord Buddha. You can see the mud walls’ structures with which the palace is made of and is a common sight in and around Leh.

Day 3

Day 3 :

Magnetic Hills, Gurudwara Pathar Sahib, Sangam , Alchy , Liker Monastery :

Magnetic hills: It’s a gravity hills located near to leh ladakh.. where cars were moving up against the slope even in neutral position. How amazing!!!

Photo of Magnetic Hill, Leh by Dipika Thakkar

Gurudwara Pathar Sahib : Very well maintained by the army. With the Blessing of Gurugranth sahib we Heard Peaceful Music and History of Gurudwara.

Photo of Magnetic Hill, Leh by Dipika Thakkar

Sangam of Indus and Zanskar rivers : one is Dusky Colour and fast & second is Dirty Green Colour relatively calmer both are origin from high Himalaya. Where we Enjoyed our 1st experience of revert rafting with 5 most Naughty Maharastrian girls.

Photo of Sangam, Srinagar by Dipika Thakkar

Alchi : This place has a monastery which is one of the oldest monasteries in Leh. This place was simply beautiful. The thing which is captivating about this place is its simplicity. With the Beautiful White & pink flowers ‘trees.

Photo of Sangam, Srinagar by Dipika Thakkar

Liker Monastery : My Gosh , means this place is Awesome with the Beautiful big pratima of Lord Buddha and Colourful flag and awesome sound of wind at the top of Monastery.

Photo of Likir Gompa, Likir by Dipika Thakkar

Day 4, 5 & 6:

Nubra valley, Hundur , Chang la Spot, Pangong lake , Highest altitude Motorable Road

Day 4

Chang la Spot : My God when we Step out from the Car we freezed because its snow all around us. It’s Dev Sthal of Changla baba.

Photo of Pangong Tso by Dipika Thakkar

Pangong lake :

Pangong lake :By evening we reached the famous Pangong Lake. The first sight of the lake and we were all mesmerized by the blues it reflected. This was something which I had never experienced before. Its too cold bcz of that The lake was half frozen. It was so vast and made us feel at bliss.

Photo of Pangong Tso by Dipika Thakkar

Pia's Scooter :P Three Idiots

Photo of Pangong Tso by Dipika Thakkar
Day 5

Hunder , Nubra valley :

Hunder , Nubra valley : It is desert area covering with Beautiful Blue colour Shyok River .Where we Enjoyed Dune bash & local Cultural Dance Programme .

Photo of Nubra Valley, Leh by Dipika Thakkar
Day 6

Panamik hot water Spring: At minus degree Temperature when you See hot water spring feels amaze. And As per localities after taking bath from this water you will get cure from some Skin diseases.

Diskit monastery:

Diskit monastery:We first visited the Diskit monastery which had a large statue of Buddha recently built and it looked lovely .

Photo of Panamik Hot Spring by Dipika Thakkar

Highest altitude Motorable Road (Khardung La ):

Highest altitude Motorable Road (Khardung La )

Photo of Khardung La by Dipika Thakkar

Now this Some thing for which we were dying to see. The way of Hunder to Highest altitude Motorable Road was hardly 1 hour. But its took 4 hours us to Reach there because of Snow fall . and car Drivers covered their cars wheels with iron chain so that their car can not Slip in Snow. It feels Amaze after visiting this place covering all over the Snow Around. And best thing is our Army men working here 24/7 at this 18360 ft from sea level .

Day 7:

Day 7

Now today we don’t have courage to step out of hotel because we get bit of high altitude sickness after rest we feel better but its better to carry high altitude sickness medicine (Diamox).

Day 8:

Kharzok lake, Chumathang hot water Spring, Henley Gompa

These places are Almost 430 Km. from Leh .

Chumathang hot water Spring: Its totally beautiful Village area.

Kharzok (Simoriri lake ) Its almost similar to Pangong lake but its smaller than that, Beautiful too.

Hanley Gompa 

Photo of Tsomoriri Lake View Point, Leh by Dipika Thakkar

It is Monastery near to the Indo – China boarder. Near to monastery There is Satellite through which India get all

Astronomy related information with the help of Bangaloru main branch.

Day 9 :

Day 9

Shanti stup & Shopping at leh main market .

Shanti Stup : Peaceful place you can say for meditation only. with different different Budhha’s Statue.

Photo of Shanti Stupa Road, Leh by Dipika Thakkar

Shopping: Now this is the time for favorite task of Girls: P We Enjoyed a lot after buying beautiful Stuff from market and having Coffee at Barista.

Day 10 :

Hemis , Thisky Monastery & Rancho’s School .

Day 10

Hemis monastery Museum is 47 kms from Leh, looked intriguing from outside among the mountains. This monastery has two temple of Lord Buddha & Padmasambhava a prayer room for the lamas. The monastery also has a museum and a shop which has Tibetan style stuff at reasonable prices.

Thisky Monastery : It was mesmerizing monastery where almost 2 floor big Beautiful statue of lord Buddha. From Where we Bought some Ayurvedic Medicines.

Rancho’s School: Here we came at the place of our favorite Bollywood movie 3 idiots’ Shooting has done. Earlier the name of the School was Druk padma Karpo but after this Movie name was Rancho’s School. There is beautiful café with the pictures of 3 idiots .

Here we End our trip with Heavy heart. we packed our bags and said goodbye to this lovely places. Its lavish trip. I wish to visit this place again & again to capture its beauty in my eyes.