The story of "Noh Ka Likai" Falls

Photo of The story of "Noh Ka Likai" Falls 1/1 by Pragya Singh
Noh Ka Likai Falls, Cherrapunji, Meghalaya

"Noh ka Likai" falls, it is the most beautiful, enthralling, mesmerising place and at the same time it instils a sense of fear.

At height of 350 metres it is the tallest waterfall in India.

There are a lot of reasons on why I love to travel and one of reason is the stories behind the place.

The story of Noh ka Likai falls is tragic.

The story is of a woman Ka Likai who loved her daughter dearly. Villagers say that she got widowed at an early age but life was not bad since she fell in love again and married the love of her life and was glad that her daughter now had a father.

But the tale doesn't end happily, for the husband was so possessive about Ka Likai that he could not bear his wife's love for the daughter. He hated the daughter.

One day Ka Likai was out working in fields and later when she came home in evening she found that her husband had prepared a delicious meal for her.

She was very glad and ate happily with him. She later washed the dishes and then noticed that her daughter's fingers were cut and strewn in the trash bin and she understood the entire happenings.

Villagers say that she got so sad, and full of guilt that she could not bear the pain. She went and jumped from the cliff.

Since then it got named "Noh ka Likai" meaning the leap of Ka Likai.