The plunging water of Nohkalikai Falls | Meghalaya

7th Oct 2022
Photo of The plunging water of Nohkalikai Falls | Meghalaya by yolo
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The Nohkalikai waterfalls in Cherrapunji is a popular destination in this town and are only 5 kilometres away from the main town. A waterfall that descends from a height of 1100 feet is this one. You would love to take this experience, even just arriving to the waterfall. To reach to the location where you can see the entire waterfall from a distance, you must drive through a rolling hills and then climb for a short distance. It is pure delight just to see it. Through a few flights of steps, there are further vistas. This includes the rich vegetation that surrounds the waterfall as well.

The history of this place's name is really tragic. The local Khasi language includes a phrase called Noh Ka Likai, which translates to "The jump of Likai." According to popular belief, Ka Likai, a widow, remarried in order to provide for her daughter. This was done with the intention of giving the daughter a father's love. On the other hand, her daughter was despised by her new husband.

Ka Likai thus devoted her entire attention to her daughter. Her husband killed her daughter and prepared a meal for the wife while she was gone at work. Ka Likai discovered while savouring the feast that she had eaten her own daughter. She pushed herself off the cliff out of grief. The Nohkalikai Waterfalls in Cherrapunji are named after her.

For each visitor to Meghalaya, the captivating waterfall in Cherrapunji should be their first choice. You will undoubtedly be in wonder when you witness this waterfall in this town wrapped in clouds. It will undoubtedly appear as if water drops are falling from the sky.

Photo of Nohkalikai waterfalls Top by yolo
Photo of Nohkalikai waterfalls Top by yolo
Photo of Nohkalikai waterfalls Top by yolo