Rendezvous with the Nature

Photo of Rendezvous with the Nature 1/3 by Tejaswini Gaikwad
Photo of Rendezvous with the Nature 2/3 by Tejaswini Gaikwad
Photo of Rendezvous with the Nature 3/3 by Tejaswini Gaikwad

As I took a shower from the lukewarm water, all the fatigue got drained along with the filth which got collected all over my body due to 12 hours of continuous journey.  My hotel room is chilling.  Although it doesn’t have an AC. Well, this is what makes this place so amazing. You breathe the air, which is fresh. As if the enormous and aloof mountains have just manufactured it. I kept the window ajar, for the fresh air to come in. Since I arrived in the town, I could feel the peace this place has in its surroundings. Evidently, Chail hasn’t been yet bitten by the bug of commercialization and tourism. I don’t see a lot of tourists and buildings in here. Locals are extremely nice and friendly. The owner of my hotel room welcomed me with her pretty smile. Knowing that I travelled all the way from here alone, her compassion for me grew. And I could see that in her gestures.  

Well, my sumptuous lunch was hosted a temple. Navratras were coming to an end and thus a huge feast was organized by the local villagers. After a very long time, I had this opportunity to sit down on the ground and eat, without any culinary. The food was simple yet finger licking good. Far better than the food I pay for at the restaurants in Delhi. All the spices were perfectly blended .Even the rice and “JHOLI” (a local dish) had a strange effect on my appetite. I ate more than my usual diet. The food was that delicious.

I am just roaming in the woods, exploring the serene beauty by which the place has been blessed with. I have thousands of butterflies in front of me. All are of them are white. There’s strange fragrance in the air and the forests have a magnificent power of alluring me. It was like a party in the woods. My companions were the trees, all dressed up in thick dense green colored clothes. It seemed that each tree had a different story to narrate. The singer was the most melodious flight of birds. And the music was played by the river. These were the only sounds I got apart from the air blowing through my hair

The sunset from the Kaali Mandir is breathtaking. It’s like I have a beautiful painting in front of me. This painting is full of colors. The sky is all blue. This blue has different shades. The sun gives the sky a tinge of red and yellow.  The sun pours its warmth here. The chanting of mantras gives a spiritual touch. Belief upon that ultimate power deepens with the time you spend there. This place offers you the solace which you can just feel and not transform into words

With the sunset, the town becomes a realm of silence. Shops start closing and people start going indoors. I had a cup of tea which was an antidote to the fatigue of the day. Post dinner, I had a moment with myself at the terrace of my hotel room. It was the month of April and I thanked the almighty that I carried a sweater along. It was chilling. 

 Chail is one the most amazing getaways from the stress full life of cities. As per the information given by a local, it got its name because of numerous Chayal trees present here. The best part about this place is that it’s not been commercialized yet. Thus it’s untouched from tourist intervention. It’s a small town which imbibes natural scenic beauty which is a perfect way to forget your stress full life.

an expanse of serenity