Slurp and Savour, All While you Travel: Best Culinary Tours of India


Disclaimer: Please do not read if dieting!

I love trying different kinds of food and don't mind planning travels to know a few secret recipes. However, I had no clue about pre-organised culinary tours, which are now the latest out-of-the-box travel trends in the country, until I took some in the last couple of months. I travelled to some of the most popular food hubs in India and relished every bit of those experiences. So, if you, too, are a foodie who also has passion for cooking and wants to learn a few tricks from the rich culinary traditions in the country, why not follow suit!

Here are some of my own culinary tour experiences in India which gave me the opportunity to experience a wide range of tastes.

Food Tours India

Food Tours India believes that a culinary tour helps one explore a city like a traveller, not a tourist. I got a chance to interact with locals and experience their lifestyle, all through a plate of food. Food Tours India organises 6-9 hours of food touring in a city, and the package can be customised according to your interests. Besides the food tour, I also visited some offbeat locations and experienced the place like never before. All this while I was guided by a local professional chef which allowed me enjoy my tour without having to worry about planning my travel.

Available in:

Delhi, Jaipur, Udaipur

Cost for 1 starting from:

Rs 2,500

Delhi Food Walks

Delhi Food Walks seeks to redefine the culture of food. A day with them took me to some of the most interesting places in Delhi, that are rich in culture and history, along with introducing me to some of the most typical foods of Delhi. The walk covered every aspect of a food walk with utmost precision.

I had opted for a breakfast trail, street food tour and a tea trail! Whether you're visiting India for the first time, or have been living here forever, this is an experience that you must try as well. It's a great way to explore places of Delhi. Be it Chandini Chowk, Daryaganj, Kamala Nagar, CR Park, Nizammudin or Paharganj, Delhi Food Walks can take you everywhere.

Available in:

Delhi, Jaipur, Varanasi, Agra, Bangalore, Lucknow, Amritsar, Kolkata

Cost for 1 starting from:

Rs 3,000 onward

Agra Food Tour

Agra is one of the most visited towns of India. Think back to the time you went there, didn't see anything apart from the Taj Mahal. Well, a visit to this colourful city is incomplete without experiencing its local culture and the best way to do it is by a food walk, of course! Agra Food Tour took me through the hidden gems of Agra–the best sweet shops, restaurants, street foods and dhabas, allowing me to taste the best flavours of Agra. In one day, I was taken to 7-9 authentic places where I had authentic cuisines of Agra under the guidance of a professional chef. In addition to this, you can also enrol for cooking classes with Agra Food Tour.

Available in:

Agra only

Cost for 1 starting from:

Rs 4,500

Rajasthan Food Tour

Rajasthan Food Tour helped me indulge in cooking classes, desert safaris, jungle safaris, cultural events, and even play time with elephants, all across Rajasthan. There are options to choose from a gourmet holiday package with a chef, culinary tours, cooking classes or kitchen tours. Rajasthan's cuisines are the most unique, from a wide range of vegetarian meals like dal baati churma and an equally rich non-veg counterpart–lal maas. Not only did I learn how the food plays on my palette but also its history and the significance of each food item.

Available in:

Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur

Cost for 1 staring from:

Rs 3,000

India Detours

The Hyderabad Old City Walking Tour, a culinary experience under India Detours, took me through the choicest of nooks and corners of Hyderabad whose excellent food preparation has made the city foodies' Mecca. From the best biryanis, haleems and Iranian teas of the town, to experiencing the food ethos rife in the city's busy streets, I enjoyed it all in Hyderabad! Don't forget to taste Hyderabad's warm, local baked goodies.

Available in:


Cost for 1 starting from:

Rs 2,500

Kolkata Food Walk

Kolkata is yet another exciting city is India that has an extremely vibrant culinary tradition. Kolkata Food Walk took me to some of the best places that many would not even know about. Be it roshgulla, biryani, bhetkir paturi, shorshe ilish or kabiraji, that food walk in Kolkata was too good to forget.

With Kolkata Food Walk, any boring weekend can become a day of gluttony and absolute delight. Moreover, being part of the food walk group is free so you can enjoy your time with like-minded foodies.

Available in:


Cost for 1 starting from:

The walk is absolutely free! You only have to pay for what you eat.


With heavenly choley bhaturey, butter chicken, dal makhni and butter naan that are God's blessing to mankind, Amritsar is the place to be for all those who live and breathe only food. Even though the food walk with Jugadoos was short (three-five hours), it introduced me to 100% real, authentic and legit Punjabi food. A six-kilometre guided leisure walk through both old and new areas of Amritsar included stopping by famous shops to taste some of the best Amritsari cuisines along the way. No wonder I ended up trying over 20 different dishes from about 7 different places besides learn a few tips on how to cook these dishes the Punjabi way.

Available in:


Cost for 1 starting from:

Rs 600

Food walks are a shortcut to happiness, your ticket to getting all the food that you love along with travelling to the hidden gems of a city. Next time, don't just overlook a mysterious crowd surrounding a food cart.

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