Taj Mahal tourists, visitors from July 2020 

21st Jul 2020
Photo of Taj Mahal tourists, visitors from July 2020 by Ram's

India's iconic monument Taj Mahal has shut down to halt the spread of the coronavirus, officials say.

The culture ministry said tens of thousands visit the "monument of love" every day and it was "imperative to shut it down".

The Taj Mahal is one of the world's leading tourist attractions, and draws as many as 70,000 people every day. India has 137 reported cases of Covid-19 and three related deaths. It has tested 6,000 people so far. The number of tourists visiting Taj Mahal has been continuously declining with Sunday witnessing a sharp fall of 50 percent in sale of tickets, as compared to normal weekends, amid fears over the coronavirus outbreak across the world.

Photo of Taj Mahal tourists, visitors from July 2020  1/1 by Ram's
Follow the Travel guidelines this picture shows importance of Mask

Tourism Guild Agra’s vice president Rajiv Saxena, said, "it’s sad to see the numbers of tourists declining at Taj by each passing day but we are optimistic that it’s going to start increasing soon once the efforts of the govt become successful in controlling the spread of COVID-19 from India”. However, he said that this is badly affecting the tourism industry and if things don’t improve, it would only get worse soon.

Check it’s open

We know, we know – you’d never show up when it was shut, right? Just remember that opening hours will depend on sunrise and sunset, and that the whole monument is closed to the general public on a Friday.

Wear what you like

There are no strict rules when it comes to clothing, and you’ll see plenty of people dressed to the nines for a romantic photo shoot. Wear what’s comfortable for you, but don’t forget to put on shoe covers before you enter the monument – these are available on-site.

Pick your time carefully

Tourists visit all day, but we’d recommend the dawn session. If you’re lucky enough to get a good sunrise, the colours of the sky really transform the Taj. It’s also the quietest time to visit, with the majority of tourists arriving later in the day. You can experience the Taj during sunrise on both a private tour by car or an overnight tour.

Go to Mehtab Bagh

Mehtab Bagh is a garden that was built across the river from the Taj Mahal and provides a stunning view of the back of the palace (which, thanks to its symmetrical shape is exactly the same as the front). Visit at sunset for the full effect – the peace and quiet make the view all the better.

Remember your Mask & Get a guide

The palace is full of peoples some times even people care about covid self protection wear Masks enjoy the view. The experience of arriving at the Taj Mahal can be a little overwhelming. A great guide will not only help you navigate the ticket queues, but they can also make sure you get the best out of your visit. There is plenty to learn about the rich history and craftsmanship behind the monument, so it’s worth getting an expert to tell you the whole story.