That's how I'm spending my Christmas!


Curl up and cuddle in your nice warm winter blanket; it’s time to enjoy the season we love the best. It’s a merry time and Christmas is around the corner! Well, Christmas means cheer, joy and also vacations. Everyone loves a break but aren’t you bored of going to the same old places? Just another city and just another shopping complex? If you’re really looking to enjoy something warm and fresh then we have just the right thing for you.

See our list of hot springs you can visit when everything else is just getting cold….

Now that’s a crack list of possible places you can visit. But if just like the rest of us you went out during your Diwali break and can’t manage to take more leaves, don’t worry. Fill that bath with some hot water from your Polycab Instant Geyser, add some warm herbal oil and you’ll probably get close enough to a hot spring - warmth and medicinal property wise.  

On the banks of the mighty Indus River, lies Chumathang hot springs! Located amidst the beauty of Ladakh in Leh district, it’s perfect for families who wouldn’t mind a little bit of an adventure; with a healthy dose of nature’s wonder, this is one hot spring experience you won’t forget. In the cold of Ladakh, this hot spring sure feels heavenly. The best part is, it is known to have some medicinal qualities too. Well, who doesn’t love a multi-purpose hot spring?
The mountains of Himachal are calling! Manikaran, a small picturesque town 45 kms from Kullu, offers you the perfect indulgence that would make your vacation an experience to share. Hot springs here have become very famous especially due to the medicinal properties and their temperatures. These springs are so hot that you can actually cook your vegetables in it! It is said that Rheumatism and muscular pains are cured very fast by taking bath in this water. Experience the beauty of Himachal Pradesh like never before. Not a daydream; you can actually do this! Imagine yourself relaxing in the hot springs...
A little trekking through the dense forests of the Kullu District will lead you to the amazing Kheerganga hot springs. The temperature of the springs here is lower than at Manikaran, but this is exactly what makes it worthy of a natural Jacuzzi. Just what you need after a long trek, it’s a natural spa. It attracts a lot of tourists from all over the world. Maybe it will attract you too..
Reshi springs are located 25 km from Glayshing, Sikkim. On the banks of Rangeet River, surrounded by awe-inspiring landscape these hot-springs in north-east India are worth taking a dip. Walk down some real steep steps, cross a creaky suspension bridge & then walk through a narrow path all the way to the banks of the Legship Lake. You have earned yourself an experience at the Sulphur rich hot Reshi springs that are believed to have powers to heal many skin diseases. Bye bye Dermatologist, hello Reshi Springs!
Come to the ‘enchanted valley of flowers.’ Enchanting landscapes lined with Rhododendron forest and alpine meadows at 12000 ft. Enjoy bathing at the Yumthang hot water springs, located in the Yumthang village 135 kms from the capital Gangtok. It falls under restricted area but getting there is easy. December is the best time to visit this hot spring. So pack your bags, its vacation time!