THE DAYS AMIDST THE HILLS #lifechangingtrip

1st Nov 2018
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Yes the travel changed me, from being trapped in the cage of comfort, belongings to be myself without worrying. Calling it an escape from the world won't be wrong, because this journey for me was not just a trip. It was hiding from the unrelenting reality and the troubled days of the city. This was unmistakably the journey with the stranger, and a journey with the self. I explored nothing but learned a lot. I learned to distance myself from the crowd that comforts my days and to seek pleasure in isolation and solitude. That's what the hills do. They teach you to embrace yourself, love nature, cherish not the body but the soul.

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The roads of Uttarakhand aren't just the roads, they are the trails leading to heaven. With the fresh aroma of the dew, the gust of air passing through the soul and the warm tranquil sun rays kissing the body, Dhanaulti isn't just another hill station. It hides something enchanting and special like the rest.

Lying at the foothills of Garwhal, Dhanulti is enclosed by the major attraction of Uttarakhand, Mussoorie and Chamba. With the alpine vegetation of Deodar, the woodlands and the narrow traces crossing the unnamed and unrecognized hills, the journey to Dhanaulti was no less than a scenic representation in Bollywood movie.

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Day 1

From Delhi to Deharadoon crossing the fair of Dhanaulti, I reached Chamba just in search of a comfy shelter. And this 315 km of a journey with stopovers was tiring but comforting too. The minute you touch the hills, you retrieve the life. Leaving Dhanaulti behind, finally, the night was waiting for a silent hour of leisure in the lap of nature.

Chamba adorned with the lights

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A new morning, more refreshing and pristine lead me towards the Tehri lake. Now entering the premises of Tehri Dam is not allowed for the visitors unless you have the permit or you are passing through the dam to reach somewhere down at the villages.

So for me the exploring Tehri dam was not possible but anyhow I got some of the pictures of the vast constructed area.

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Day 2

The dam is known to be the highest dam built in India on the Bhagirathi river. And it is indeed the largest, large enough to serve the entire Tehri district with electricity and another resource. The scenic beauty adjacent to the lake is way more magnificent than the dam. No doubt the dam will steal your sight but the panorama of the area is something beyond the description.

Photo of Tehri Dam, Uttarakhand, India by Touring&tales

I got a lot to capture, to steal the best of nature and store it in my camera. That I will be sharing on the photoblog later.

Later leaving Tehri and the vast dam being, the day was calling to touch the serene land of Dhanaulti. It was cold, dark and freezing by the time I could reach the warm cosy stay at Dhanaulti.

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The tracks leading towards the highland are too enthralling to hold you back for another few moments. And you will never feel like continuing your journey. The sunset, the confusing warm and chilling vibes were perfect to accompany me for the evening tea and Maggie in the hills.

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Mountains are so unpredictable for sure. One moment they are warm and too soothing, and other they will blow off. Same happened when the night grew darker and dense, and the clouds conquered the stars. And it was not only just a sudden change in temperature falling to 4 degrees but rain for continuous 4-5 hours.

Day 3

When it comes to explaining the aurora over the hills, a poem is nothing to express. One can write a prologue describing its beauty.

"The steep forested cliffs with the mist clocking the sky, clouds enclosing the slopes and the sunlight finding its way to peek down on earth, morning at the hills are not just fascination but the real magic if nature."

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Everything appears so clear and pure after the rain washes the mountains and drops settle down over the buds. No sunlight but just the clouds floating with the cold breeze, the dawn was a real pleasure that we often miss here in the chaos morning of the city. One thing I missed was the sunrise, but what I witnessed was unique and unforgettable.

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This was my experience for the days amidst the hills. My love for mountains will never end and I discovered this during my journey.