The Chadar Trek in Zanskar - Ice Walk Challenge 

9th Feb 2018

Chadar Trek.

Photo of The Chadar Trek in Zanskar - Ice Walk Challenge by Muzamil Farooq

Get ready for the most challenging trek of your lifetime – an ice walk on the frozen Zanskar River, an experience for the brave-hearted and thrill-seekers while you trek the Himalayas, its beauty leaving your breathless & gasping for more!

Photo of The Chadar Trek in Zanskar - Ice Walk Challenge  1/1 by Muzamil Farooq

Why Zanskar?

Find yourself experiencing the adrenaline rush in one of the most sought-after treks in the world, brilliantly beautiful yet extremely challenging, one of a kind, once in a lifetime adventure, soon becoming a fad among travellers & adventure lovers from country & the world alike.

Photo of Zanskar Trek, Leh by Muzamil Farooq
Photo of Zanskar by Muzamil Farooq

The trek is all about persistence & survival – of learning to survive in the harsh terrains at sub-zero temperatures, interacting with the locals & understanding their way of living, especially in one of the most inhabitable regions in the world, while you trek across a dramatic gorge with frozen waterfalls on the frozen trail of Zanskar spanned out like a “Chadar” (hence the name) that acts like a mirror for the sky. After all there aren’t many of such exclusive adventure pursuits where you get to partake in the primal thrill of sleeping in caves, musing over blazing bonfires in freezing temperatures with most definitely the ever present sense of danger, yet surviving it all – making it the “Do before you die” journey!

Photo of The Chadar Trek in Zanskar - Ice Walk Challenge by Muzamil Farooq


The trip starts from Leh, where one departs for Tilat Sumdo, the first milestone in the Chadar Trek. From Titat Sumdo the trek furthers till Shingra Kogma & from there the longest part of the trek from Shingra Koma to Tibb & further on Trek from Tibb to Nerak & camping in Nerak village. Then there is Lingshed to Tsarak Dho to Padum & back. The route is full of ice sheets, frozen waterfalls, nature’s wonders – A rare sighting & once in a life time experience.

Photo of The Chadar Trek in Zanskar - Ice Walk Challenge by Muzamil Farooq

Must Haves

You need to make a detailed list of the Must haves for a trip – while you gather up all the carry-ons be it the trek accessories & gear, clothing items, a medical kit, extra cash, and important documents among others.

How to Reach

The only way to reach Ladakh during winters is by air, so you can opt for the regular flights from Delhi to Leh by Jet Airways, Air India and Go Air etc. & keep in mind to book your tickets well in advance. The aerial view is simply the best start one can have before the tour.

Photo of The Chadar Trek in Zanskar - Ice Walk Challenge by Muzamil Farooq

Dos & Don’ts

Plan up with a day or two in hand, in case of any unforeseen natural hindrances or casualties.

Make sure you do not litter & keep the environment clean.

Stick to the advised clothing & gear suitable for the trip to avoid any unnecessary hindrances. Also keep up only the necessary items for optimum movement & let go of any needless items that might burden the load of carry-ons.

Do not try any risky adventures, as the region is risky & sensitive. Stick to your travel group, take up expert help & advisory before you take up the trip & follow instructions & guidelines carefully.

Do not consume alcohol, as it dehydrates the body fast & may turn adverse in such temperatures & regions.

Photo of The Chadar Trek in Zanskar - Ice Walk Challenge by Muzamil Farooq

It is with the discovery of this uncanny route that originally came to be the lifeline of the Zanskaris, for it was their only way to travel for a livelihood in the times of extreme winters, which has now host to many an adventure lovers & trekkers from across the world! One can opt for travel groups, or travel companies that offer the trek – either with planned itineraries or customised tours, whichever you choose. Also, one should strictly follow the guidelines for the tour, as advised by the experts.

So gear up for the wildest trip of your life – do your research, get fit & perked up, stock your gear & get going to experience the ultimate trek of the Himalayas!