The ultimate GETAWAY from work

1st Sep 2019
Day 1

Atlast I got a site work in north india exactly saying it was in chandigarh. The site works was really boring, the work was not at all going in a fast pace. I really needed a break from my boring daily schedule. On a weekend when I was just going through YouTube , I saw a video featuring a trip to ladakh through rohtang pass. I was really fascinated by the the video and thought of planning a trip to manali. It was always in my bucket list to visit manali and play in snow. And atlast I got a suitable weekend to visit manali. I boarded a bus from chandigarh and got dropped off at private bus stand in manali. Went to mall road first shoppped a few items,checked some bikes for rent, atlast ended up in a tour operator who helped me to get a cab in sharing basis for rohtang. In this trip we also visited a couple of places but the main destination always was ROHTANG PASS. The joy and happiness which I felt at that moment was inexpressible but I will surely cherish this trip through out my life for sure.
Will be surely visiting the rohtang pass once again in future on the LEH LADAKH trip.
The people were super cool and really helpful.

Photo of Rohtang Pass, Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India by Amal Mohan