Top Getaways From Mumbai Within 300 Kms

5th Jan 2015

An idyllic choice for a leisurely holiday.

Photo of Panchgani, Maharashtra, India by Ruchika Makhija

Enjoy the colonial architecture of this tasteful place.

Photo of Silvassa, Gujarat, India by Ruchika Makhija

Lovely beaches and classy resorts,this place has it all.

Photo of Daman, Daman and Diu, India by Ruchika Makhija

An idyllic getaway, not too far from Mumbai.

Photo of Saputara, Gujarat, India by Ruchika Makhija

This Eco-friendly hill station is the most popular with the tourists.

Photo of Matheran, Maharashtra, India by Ruchika Makhija

The twin hill stations is the most accessible from Mumbai. A great drive indeed.

Photo of Khandala, Lonavala, Maharashtra, India by Ruchika Makhija

So much to do, No doubt this is a favourite amongst all.

Photo of Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra, India by Ruchika Makhija

1. Khandala and Lonavla are the most popular places to visit near Mumbai offering surreal beauty and exotic resorts. They can be reached in just two hours by road from Mumbai, merely 83Km. Both the cities are apart by a distance of 5km. Besides natural beauty Khandala and Lonavla are famous for the different kinds of chikki, a sweet made of groundnuts and jiggery and chocolate fudge. Trekking and Paragliding are another popular activity in this region. There are several places to visit near Mumbai such as the Duke’s Nose, Korigad Fort, the Tiger’s Leap, The Lohgad, The Karla and Bhaja caves.

Photo of Khandala, Lonavala, Maharashtra, India by Ruchika Makhija

2. Panchgani, situated at an altitude of 1334 meters and 244 km away from Mumbai, It lies in the Satara district of Maharashtra. It is one of the most popular weekend getaways. There are several interesting must-see places to visit near Mumbai which attract tourists. One such is the Sydney Point which is situated on a hill facing the picturesque Krishna Valley. The various other places to visit near Mumbai are the Parsi Point, the Devil’s Kitchen, The Table land and the Mapro Garden. One can even engage in leisurely walks in the local bazaar.

Photo of Panchgani, Maharashtra, India by Ruchika Makhija

3. Silvassa, the capital of the Dadra and Nagar Haveli, is yet another popular weekend getaway, just 167 Km from Mumbai. One can visit the elegant Roman Catholic Church which is known for its colonial architecture. Main attraction is the Madhuban Dam where visitors can enjoy lovely boat rides. The other places to visit near Mumbai include the Dadra Park, Dudhani, Vrindaban Temple, Balaji Temple, The Silvassa Museum and the Ban Ganga Lake.

Photo of Silvassa, Dadra and Nagar Haveli, India by Ruchika Makhija

4. Daman is a famous and easily approachable getaway near Mumbai. It is 193 kilometres from Mumbai. It is a city in the Union territory of Daman and Diu. The city is divided into two parts called the Nanidaman and Motidaman. There are two beaches in Daman which are the most popular amongst tourists namely the Devka beach in Nanidaman and the Jampore Beach in Moti Daman. This lovely getaway has lot of resorts and hotels for a discerning traveller where one can unwind and have a relaxing holiday.

Photo of Daman and Diu, India by Ruchika Makhija

5. Saputara is another scenic and idyllic getaway just 250 km from Mumbai. It is a very popular hill station and is situated in the Sahayadri range. The name of the hill station means ‘Abode of the Serpents’. The tourists here can enjoy an array of adventurous activities. The ‘Artist Village’ is the main attraction where one can buy beautiful artefacts and Warli paintings.

Photo of Saputara, Gujarat, India by Ruchika Makhija

6. Matheran is an eco-friendly hill station located merely 90 km from Mumbai. Situated in the Karjat District in Western Ghats, The name of the place means ‘forest on the forehead.’ Matheran is Asia’s only automobile free hill station. There are several viewpoints in this beautiful place. One of them is the Panorama Point which provides a stunning 360 degree view, and an ideal point to enjoy sunrise and sunset. There are numerous other points too such as Louisa Point , One Tree Hill Point, Rambagh point and Hart point, all offering stunning views.

Photo of Matheran, Maharashtra, India by Ruchika Makhija

7. Mahabaleshwar is a sublime hill station nestled in the Western Ghats. It is situated at an altitude of 1372m and 263 Km from Mumbai. Mahabaleshwar offers panoramic views of the surrounding Ghats. It is often referred to as ‘Queen of hill stations’ in Maharashtra. The lush green landscapes are sure to take you in a different era all together. It is a tranquil and serene holiday destination. Mahabaleshwar’s beauty can be seen in the exotic peaks and the lovely rivers that flow by. It is easy to get mesmerised by various attractions such as Morarji castle, Mount Malcom, Pratapgarh Fort and Rajpuri Caves.

Photo of Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra, India by Ruchika Makhija

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