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1st Feb 2014

Travel Guides: There were rudimentary solid rocks, where the river Indrabati was jumping like nothing ever before, just like a silky hair in motion that had been as if washed with sun silk shampoo, the scenic

beauty had been so enchanting that could ever be described. It seemed that as if the angels had just came down to this mortal earth, with plenty of charisma and attractiveness that would beneath the flower shower just like just washed hair with sun silk my favourite shampoo.

The beauty of the place was so heartfelt as if the angels from paradise were moving here and there; with their hair wide open as if it had been washed with sun silk shampoo.

There was a beautiful Lord Shiva temple, a very nearer to that giant fall inside of jungle, one anonymous rich person had constructed this temple so that people would take bath inside the river and then had the opportunity to pray at Lord Shiva.

Day 1

The place was nearer to Jagdalpur, and here the famous fall with a beautiful Lord Shiva temple, and it was like going to Allahabad and watching the beautiful confluence therewithin.

Students had been there with groups for jungle feast, and also it was advisable to reach there early so that you could enjoy the total surroundings. Here the red soil everywhere speaking of the volumes of the problems that had been there for the ages.

Everywhere there were paddy fields, and the way the waves of breeze were blowing through all along the coast had been fantastic, with slight moderate rain as the entire areas had been becoming more and muddier.

All through the journey, there were enough securities all around the areas to protect and this place had been seemed to be security full proof. Everywhere there were long trees after few kilometres there came the national high ways and we had to go for 12 kilometres to reach towards the town of Jagdalpur.

While entering into this town you would feel like tribal cultures had been painted everywhere with, the walls had been painted with their traditional paintings, at some places people were dancing with joy as if forgetting each and everything at some other place there had been beautifully crafted statues that had been the shine of joy with plenty of outstanding achievements on the offerings.

Somewhere at some places, tribal women carrying some foods on their head and they were singing the songs and at some other places there was an open kitchen with ladies had been preoccupied with cooking activities.

On the sideways, it did seem to me that as if the clouds were talking to me from side to side and they were touching the earth like never before.

There were yellow trees across the mountain, that the ever enchanting glow of the environment that had been giving the real illustrations of various places that had given the perfect trend and setting of these parameters.

I had now in this vicinity seen some rare houses that had been constructed with some animal utilities, and this had been new to me and thus enjoying each and every aspect of it.

There were reasons for all these also as they told me that this kind of houses stays neutral during each and every climatic condition. Then after moving a few kilometres, I had seen a hospital there.

I have heard about one of my friend Thandu was the doctor there, and this news was about one year ago so am not sure how this news would be right or wrong as he might be transferred from there.

I wanted to check this out and then I stopped the SUV and then I went to the hospital to found that only one compounder was there. That man was surprised to see him, as he had not expected such a person would reach here, he anticipated that I might be some of the other officials and he offered me the seat there.

I asked him about my school friend Thandu and he said he was transferred in the previous month only.

In between, there were the paddy fields all around and at some places, taller trees were standing there at stretches, there were bystanders waving the hands and also put the nice smile our there, wonderful atmosphere feeling plenty more towards as if I was with nature.

The sound of trees and in between there were the places where the women had been seating with big bowels to sell the drink that had been special for tribal and all these had been so absorbing that it could not be deleted from the mind.

This place was an ancient place and it even written inside epics of the past just to remind of the hoary past ,of Lord Ram along with his better half Goddess Sita and Lord Ram's brother Laxman stayed for few days while during at the stay at these hilly areas for jungle stay.

Lord Bharat came here and met Lord Ram, Goddess Sita and Lord Laxman here. This place was pure of religious values with each and every passage gave impressions of purity and the path to paradise.

There were temples all around and the way the roads getting into smarter stiff curve had been sufficient to apprise that we were reaching towards the principal destinations that had been described since the first sentence of this post.

Then the red soil roads began and now the stiff slopes that reminded to me that all these had been the real source of inspiration, a poetic justice, and a lover's mind and with some point of contradictions that had been with it all together all the time.

With it, the different aspect of universal energy just within and the workaround was making it more and more towards the positive aspects of life that had been there with it all the time within the time-bound internal truism.

The path to success, the inspiration and also the true facts of life had been there always with each of the passing phases was becoming more and more towards the brilliant atmospheric entity that would never ever been remembered.

The silence and that had been armed with the sweet sounds of the river had been the most prolific understanding it ever had with plenty of antecedents that had been there all the time always within the most basic amplitude of precarious magnitude.

The writing parameters and the strength to be used in minimizing the different aspects of understanding the inevitable achievements had always been the real source of income that would be there always with it.