Forget Bhagsu and Kempty Falls, Himachal has a beautiful hidden Waterfall 


Tirthan valley is Himachal’s best-kept secret, sitting at an altitude of 1600 meters above sea level, this is the perfect getaway destination blessed with breathtaking views and scenic backdrops. It is one of the perfect places to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city. This place is a paradise for trekkers, offering the best trekking opportunities. You will be greeted by Tirthan River flowing through the valley. It’s a perfect escape from the overcrowded city life, but also an escape from the crowded Himachal getaways; trust me it doesn’t get better than Tirthan. We have seen waterfalls many of them from kempty falls to Bhagsu which attract a lot of tourists and are very crowded in the season time. One of the best-kept secrets of this valley is the Chhoie waterfall, which is not known to many. It is a beautiful waterfall that can refresh your soul and mind.

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Photo of Chhoie Waterfall, Sharchi, Himachal Pradesh, India by Ginny Bansal

If you’ve always fancied a waterfall with a scenic backdrop, this place is picture perfect and straight out of movies. There are two main waterfalls easily reachable in the Tirthan valley. One is the Sairopa waterfall, called the Chhoie waterfall. It takes around 45 minutes to reach there on foot from the main road. The other one is located close to the village Jibhi and is only a 10 minutes walk to reach. The Chhoie waterfall is hidden between huge mountains and can be reached by walking on a steep trek for about 45 mins- 1 hour depending on how fit you are. According to the stories by tourists, this is a sacred place and people come here to worship. The fall is named after a local deity (Chhoimata) and the locals pray at one of the trees just before the waterfall.

The trek starts from the village Sairopa, it is bit tiring but the views en route are breathtaking. Once you reach the waterfall and see the beauty with such scenic backdrop, you are bound to feel refreshed again. If your kids are sporty, they are going to love this trek, on reaching take a bath in the waterfall or just splash around to have some fun. You must visit this place as it is not crowded and untouched.

Best time to Visit: Summers are the best time is best to enjoy the cool environment of a waterfall. You can also consider monsoons.

Things to keep in mind:

• Avoid wearing slippers. Wear running shoes or proper shoes for trekking

• Try going in a small group or take a guide with you when going to explore the area

• Smoking up and getting high in the mountains is really dangerous. Avoid to indulge in any kind of activity.

• Drink lots of liquid while trekking or hiking. Keep yourself hydrated

• Be careful while bathing or swimming in the river as the rocks can be a little slippery

• Save all the important numbers, this will allow you to contact locals in case of any emergency


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Getting there:

By Air: The nearest airport to reach Tirthan Valley is the Kullu-Manali airport which is the hub for most Himachal destinations. From the airport, you can hire a private vehicle to reach Tirthan Valley. It will take close to 90 minutes.

By Rail: The nearest railway station from Tirthan Valley is Kiratpur which is 7 hours away or Ambala which is 8 hours away.

By Road: Tirthan Valley is at a distance of 513 km from New Delhi. It will take approximately 11 hours to reach from Delhi.

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