Touch & Go with Life????

8th Dec 2019
Photo of Touch & Go with Life???? by Sagar Milind Shinde
Day 1

After extended Rainfall in Western ghat of Maharashtra,it was beginning of chilling Winters. As per our every year schedule of Cycling ,this time Me & My friend were ready for thrilling cycling through Western ghats near Kokan area of Maharashtra in Patan tehsil near Koyna Dam.

On 22nd November 2019 early morning around 4:30 am we started our cycling from our home town Karad. Chilling breeze, hustling wind and Darkness welcomed us. We set off our journey in direction of Koyna Dam. Riding , talking, enjoying off road cycling, we were in great mood. We crossed about 30 km in 1hr 30min when we reached a small Hamlet on our way. We were pumped up & had short break for water & snacks.

Sunlight was taking control over darkness, we were sorrounded with thick tress,grasses .As it was small Hamlet very few people were seen, it was total off road cycling.As we approached a head; to our Shock "A Leopard" 🐆was sitting on road with blood around his mouth. Leopard had fresh hunt. We stood stunned,no word from our mouth. To be honest we imagined we are his next Hunt!!

Me & My friend looked at each other, we were speechless & scared. I was thinking what can be done. Leopard was staring at us but he didn't seem panicked looking at us🤪. We started moving our cycles backwards and suddenly Leopard stood up. We haulted again. At this moment we thought "we are dead" for sure. But suddenly our prayers were listened. From opposite side a Jeep approached with local people sitting in it. They too were surprised to see leopard on road. But they didn't panicked and started blowing Horn and screaming loudly. That leopard in no time ran in thick trees aside.

We thanked our saviours and they gave us lift till our half way to home town.

Such experience in our life had good impression about respecting animals in their natural habitat. This Cycling voyage with Leopard encounter was Touch and Go for our life.!!!

We still continue our cycling routine😊


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