6th Jan 2020
Day 1

There may be hundred article's about Hampi but my trip was indeed a crazy one, as i earlier said i vispute with 9 starngers. Visiting hampi by far has been the best thing I did for myself. You have to see it to believe everlasting beauty of this place.

Hampi is small temple town recognized as a UNESCO word heritage site, in northern Karnataka India. The moment you enter in hampi you will see ruins and Boulders everywhere.

The best part about hampi are backpackers all around the world and the spirit that you can do whatever you want to do. There will be people telling you about the architectural ruins, temples, religious buildings and the history of Hampi, although i loved other side of river also. Yes I am talking about the hippi island. I wouldn't mind spending the my rest of life staying by the river side. No i just kidding, you need to cross Tungbhadra river if you want to stay at other side of the town. It's small is land known as Hippi island. An early morning coracle ride is the best thing to start your day. There are lot of home stays and hotels and amazing places to eat as well but don't forget to eat local cuisine as well. You can rent a bicycle or even bike for daily basis. Trust me it will be gonna best part of the trip.

Hampi stands for architectural and cultural brilliance of vijayanagar empire. Needless to say, you wan't miss this if you are visiting Hampi. The area devoid of any trees, so carry plenty of liquids and sun protection when you visiting ruins.
A few days or entire month isn't enough to see the wonders of Hampi. Set aside atleast a few days to explore it's outstanding architecture and pay tribute to the talented artisans of the historic era. As i mentioned previously "i wouldn't mind spending the rest of my life staying by the riverside. No kidding !"

So what are you waiting for ??? Pack your bags and leave. It's hippi hampi call...

Photo of Hampi_focus by Shweta aher
Photo of Hampi_focus by Shweta aher