Most Haunted Places in Bangalore


Garden City, Silicon Valley, Awesome weather, Countless job opportunities. These words are enough for anybody to guess that the city we are talking about is Bangalore. It is Asia's fastest growing cosmopolitan city and one of the most vibrant city in the whole of the Indian continent. IT industry considers Bangalore as the 'Byte Basket of India'. Besides the image of techno loaded and ultra-modern city, there are several haunted places in Bangalore which are extremely fearsome and may give you a hair-raising experience. The city holds the capacity to scare the daylights out of you!

Here are the top 10 haunted places in Bangalore.

1. Bangalore International Airport -

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Surprisingly, Bangalore international Airport is one of the most haunted places in Bangalore. Be on your own guard the next time you at the Bangalore International Airport. It has been a center of attraction since 2008. It all began when one of the pilots encountered a lady with loose hair wearing a white saree on the runway. He even informed the airport authorities about the same. The cargo wing of the airport is also believed to be haunted by the ghost of the same lady. Later, even her picture emerged using an infrared camera. Not just this, the taxi drivers have also witnessed the paranormal activity at the Airport. They claim to say that a lady hails their taxis and when she sits in the taxi, after a while she disappears. Nobody knows where did she go!

2. St. John Cemetery/ Kalpalli Cemetery -

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Cemetery, a place where life meets dead. Cemeteries are spooky enough already and St. John's cemetery is scary than other cemeteries. Many visitors have gone through very gruesome and creepy experiences here. Several visitors have reported sightings of a man at odd hours lurking about the graves. And maybe you will find some dead who have risen from their graves strolling in the graveyard. People who visited the cemetery at night have known to experience a spooky and an eerie feeling near them. It is so haunted that even the security guards no longer stay there when the sun takes a dip.

3. Victoria Hospital -

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A ghost is believed to haunt the premises of Victoria Hospital. It is a century old hospital which is situated near the city market and many visitors have experienced the presence of some strange happenings in its premises. People believe it to be a hungry ghost as there have been several instances where the food packets of the visitors went missing. The security guards of the hospital have seen a woman at night which is presumed to be the ghost. Speculations are there that the woman died years back in this hospital and her ghost haunts its premises. Hence, a perpetual hungry ghosts haunts the Victoria Hospital, so keep your food safe and with you if you plan to make a trip here!

4. Terra Vera -

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This colonial abandonment on the St. Marks road is a haunted house in Bangalore and its is quite famous among the locals for the strange happenings and paranormal activity. This haunted house in Bangalore was the property of two sisters, namely, Vera Vaz and Dolce Vaz. The haunted house witnessed a brutal murder of one of the two sisters, Dolce Vaz in the year 2002. The murder was done by an unknown attacker. The other sister, Vera Vaz, subsequently moved out of the house due to some property issues. The house was demolished but is quite known for the satanic signs like colder tempretures, inverted cross signs, etc.

5. M.G. Road Call Center -

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Once, a lady working in the call center at M.G. road was killed by a person who was drunk and driving. He hit the woman and fled away from the spot leaving the woman crying for help and she died on the spot. From that day onwards, people around the call centre and the employees have witnessed the crying of a woman every year on the same night. It is one of the most haunted places in Bangalore and if you are looking for spooky places in Bangalore then it is not to be missed.

6. NH 4 -

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Everybody is going to agree, Ghosts and Highways go hand in hand. So the story of NH 4 is somewhat like this. Once, a very pretty woman once asked for a lift from a passerby at midnight. The passerby just turned around to question the lady as to where did she want to go. He was taken aback when he saw that there was no woman. He then ignored it and drove off. To his surprise, the same woman reappeared and started laughing crazily. The frightened man immediately got off his vehicle and ran to save his life and bashed himself against a compound wounding himself badly. There is no known history of NH4 being haunted, but the passerby experience strange and unusual happenings quite often.

7. Naale Baa -

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Not exactly a place, but a strange and unusual happening occured in the late 90's in Bangalore. A supernatural entity would come at the odd hours and knock at the doors. Answering it meant that you just called your death. So the only and only way to protect yourself was to write 'Naale Baa' outside your house to postpone the visit of the demon. 'Naale Baa' means 'Come Back Tomoorw' in Kannada. People wrote 'Naale Baa' outside their houses every single day to protect themselves from the demon.

8. Hoskote Route -

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People at this particular route have encountered a lot many supernatural and unusual happenings. Once an auto driver was passing by. An old lady waved his hand and asked him to stop. She begged for lift and told the driver that she is disabled and has no money. She requested him to drop her off at some place. He then allowed the old lady to sit in the auto and said that he will drop her and charge no money. The woman then asked him to step out of the auto and help her sit inside as she is disabled and can't sit on her own. On this the auto driver refused to step out of the vehicle. The old lady started laughing hysterically and said that if the driver would have stepped out he would have been murdered by her. It was reported that the lady couldn't get inside the auto because of the presence of holy pictures and idols inside it.

9. Banyan tree in the Tiptur Area -

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According to Hindu Mythology, spirits and ghosts reside inside or dwell around certain types of trees. And the most common one is the Banyan trees. One such banyan tree existed in the Tiptur region of Bangalore. Many people who passed by it were reported to be possessed by evil spirits and it created a lot of chaos in the lives of the locals. After a unanimous decision of the locals, the tree was cut down and burned after performing several religious performances. This tree created so much of terror and awe in the lives of many people that talking about was even prohibited.

10. The Park -

There existed a park in Bangalore which no longer exists as it has been converted into a residential complex. The spirit which haunted the park had the capacity to take human forms. One such incident was when the 3 children were playing in the park and one of them went back home. After a little while, the remaining two kids saw that the third one was sitting far away on a bench. They called out to him and asked him to join them. Little did they realise, that the third kid was already home with his mother and the one playing with them was the ghost which had the capacity to take human forms.

These top 10 haunted places in Bangalore are sure to give you a chill through your spine. Not just a Silicon Valley, Garden city, Bangalore is a perfect fantasy for ghost busters too. These spots in Bangalore might just change your beliefs. Or maybe not! Happy Spooky Travelling and be safe!

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