Mysore to Coorg- amidst western ghats | A perfect escape this season

12th Apr 2021
Day 1

An amalgamation of beautiful landscapes, chilling breeze, regal palaces, splendid waterfalls, mountains rich in greenery, adventure, luxury and what not!
Mysore and Coorg- two cities of Karnataka surrounded by western ghats has something to offer to everyone and make India truly incredible.

Hey everyone, this my first travel blog, don’t know how it is going to end up. Wish me luck, I have already started writing and feeling nervous. Well it’s about a trip I planned with my sister and her husband (jiju). We planned a trip starting from Mysore to Coorg to Ooty. However, later finalizing the first two.
We left for Mysore from Bangalore at 4 am. It took 3 hours to reach Mysore by train.

About Mysuru-

Mysuru sits in Deccan plateau of India. It is known as one of the cleanest city of India. According to hindu mythology, Mysuru got it’s name from Mahisa which means buffalo. Mahisasur, a demon once ruled that place calling that place Mahisapura/ Mahisuru. He was killed by Goddess Chamundeshwari on Chamundi hills. Later British called this place Mysore in their accent and Mysuru in local language that is Kannada. It is the second largest city in Karnataka and attracts millions of tourists every year.

Places I visited
1. Chamundi Hills/ Chamundeshwari Temple

First on the list was Chamundidevi temple. Chamundi Hills occcupies the south eastern part of the city. It is located 13 kms from the city. Chamundi hills is a true paradise, forests rich in flora and fauna, a calm spell of good weather and magnificient temple constructed in Dravidian style architecture. The goddess Chamundeshwari is one of the fifty one shakti peeths of the world or powerful energy centres.

2. Mysore Palace

Located in the middle of the city, a regal palace that will definitely leave you awestruck. It’s lavish and grand appearance is what makes it the second most visited place after Taj Mahal in India. It is the official residence of Wadiyar dyansty.
Interesting fact – The architechture of this palace is a union of Hindu, Mughal, Rajput and Gothic styles.

3. Brindavan Gardens –

A long drive from Mysore to Mandya district, and you reach Bridavan gardens is attached to Krishana Raja Sagara (KRS) gravity dam built across river Cauvery, which is about 130 feet and the main source of water to nearby districts including Mysuru. It’s an amazing view to witness in the evening. Colored musical fountains are a real treat. Boating is also an option, however, the services can be improved. It is a well-maintained and beautiful garden.

Next day in the morning we boarded bus and left for Coorg. It is 108 kms from Mysuru and took 3 hours to reach.

About Coorg

Coorg- In the clouds, amidst western ghats. The highway from Mysore to Coorg passes through wild forests. If you love greenery, dense forests, misty landscapes, then coorg is perfect escape. Coorg is situated on the eastern slopes of western ghats and is known as Scotland of India .The tiny districts is one of the largest producer of coffee. Apart from coffee, Coorg is rich in natural resources and spice plantation.
Make sure you book a home stay. There are several home stays in Coorg that offers cozy living and nice lifestyle. We stayed in Muthu’s Home Stay in Madikeri (district capital).

Places I visited-

1. Namdroling Monastery-

Mini Tibet in south India known as Namdroling Monastery located in Bylakuppe is a home for 3,000 lamas and monks and nuns. There are 3 prayer halls/temples. One of which is also called Golden temple because of gold coated Buddha statues which is imposing and extravagant. It is also a religious college. Their main occupation is farming.
We shopped few incense (originally made by people living there) and good luck flags. Beside,farming and incense, they also make carpets. Lifestyle over there reflects the true culture of Tibetans.
Fact– It is built on the land given to Tibetan refugees by the Government of Indian in 1963.

2. Abbey Falls

WOW! Beautiful! Isn’t it?? Up on the hills, amidst dense forest, there goes a way that leads you to splendid waterfalls known as Abbey falls. As I visited this place during the monsoon, I can definitely assure that it is the best time to visit this place because it’s windy and rainy, the water and it’s flow is more, making the place totally picturesque.

3. Raja’s seat-

Raja’s seat is located in Madikeri is a beautiful garden with colorful flowers. I fell for this place instantly. People visit this place for amazing view of sunrise and sunset behind the mountains. However, visiting this place in rainy season, I witnessed a beautiful and breath-taking view of entire mist covered area and green mountains beyond the valley. I could have literally spent my entire night over there.

It was raining heavily in Coorg so we could not cover many places. So I would suggest you all not to travel in monsoon. Same evening we did Bus directly for Bangalore and came back home by 1 am. It took like 6 hours approx.
Overall it was an amazing experience. South India is like heaven, so clean, royal and beautiful.

Chamundi Devi Hills

Photo of Coorg by Travel Milagro

@Mysore Palace

Photo of Coorg by Travel Milagro

@ somewhere at high altitude in Mysuru

Photo of Coorg by Travel Milagro


Photo of Coorg by Travel Milagro

@ Namdroling Monastary

Photo of Coorg by Travel Milagro

Namdroling Monastary, Bylakuppe, Madikeri

Photo of Coorg by Travel Milagro

Happy at a serene place

Photo of Coorg by Travel Milagro

@Abbey Falls

Photo of Coorg by Travel Milagro

@Raja's Seat

Photo of Coorg by Travel Milagro