Roving on 'Dosa' from apathy to scrummy

4th Jan 2016

A biologically Bengali-Kolkatan (and avid foodie), when was restricted to own food culture often disregarded to be versatile. So happened to me till I stepped out in other sides of the world. And to none's surprise I quickly came out of the well and wondering that this blog of mine probably will drag up the remaining frogs in boot.

'Dosa' is the exemplar of the fact.

A journey really!A journey really!

Frog out of the Well

It was the time, my college days, most of my meal included fast food or street food. Basically any kind of food that is way far from 'homemade' sounded consumable by then. And at any point of time I used to make faces to 'Dosa' whenever uttered. To me, 'Dosa' was nothing better than breakfast cereals anytime. I still remember one of my birthday probably a very early ones, when I was not old enough to convey my food choices (Please note that our bachpan (childhood) is way different than current, probably 2-3 more blogs can dare to cover that tiff). I was told from the morning about a surprise and i couldn't resist peeping on the clock several thousands of times until evening. And we ended up to a famous south-indian resto! After the dinner everyone flooded with so many eulogies to the food! except me! I am not sure if its the smack or the contradictory proposition/paradox of the term 'masala dosa' that not carrying any masala/spice except all aloos (potatoes) stuffed and crammed, but the whole tuck-in was being insipid! I remember all elderly people around me was in a serious conversation about how to improve children eating habits!

That night and several years later I never really thought to be adventurous on meals.

Eventually work culture or maturity probably is strengthened enough or mayhap the weary foodstuff just crossed its intake limit. Well, I went on trying international cuisines AND found a new foodie-self. Undoubtedly food became passion-cookery involved adventures-meals turned amour fou and I was dumbfounded. Well, south-india culinary was the yet untouched!

And then one day I traveled down Karnataka-Tamilnadu. Someone inside myself was surely smiling at me while I was preparing for the trip! Though it was South India but huge restos of hyderabadi-bengali-north indian options restocked all my lunches and dinners and brunches mostly. It was lack of my food research or probably I was wacky-freaky while myself with few friends were tugged towards a famous South-indian resto (again). Deja-vu!

While I was really skeptical to settle on, I heard the chef endorsing for 'Aam (Mango) Dosa' or 'Chicken Dosa' or 'Paneer Dosa'! What, really? Its the selfsame state of mind as it was during my abrupt sight of Maria Sharapova posing in front of Eiffel tower during French open! Probably a min or too I am out of my nausea and led on ordering all those alien dishes that made me fall for. While it arrived, even though the look didn't leave a mark but I can say I made this blog because I had that experience-I want to travel there again because I had that experience-I am in love with the Chef because I had that experience-I recommend each and everyone the cuisine because I had that experience-And I look for such meal every time to travel down south because I had that experience.

Hats off to the idea, to the cookery, to the subtle creativity. What other options I leaf through the Menu were: 'Cucumber Dosa, 'Corn Dosa'

Did we find treasure of life

Its normal to be wearied on food, but good thing is that world has varieties. Its normal to judge on first experience but give another change to the second, probably the third or forth-if its rational, then its worthwhile.

Photo of Roving on 'Dosa' from apathy to scrummy 1/1 by Soma Dey